University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Natural and Social Sciences

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Criminal Justice

James Gilbert, Chair
Professor: Gilbert
Associate Professors: Brown, Lund, Siedschlaw
Assistant Professor: Carlson

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Department Objectives

To provide a broad academic and multidisciplinary background for students majoring in Criminal Justice;

To prepare students of high character and ethical standards for leadership positions within the employment areas of law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, private security, and the courts;

To assist students in gaining employment within paralegal and criminal law career fields;

To cultivate in students a realistic awareness of present and historical trends of crime and criminal methodology;

To stimulate an awareness of deviant and abnormal human behavior of concern to criminal justice practitioners;

To acquaint students with current literature and research pertaining to the administration of justice.

Criminal Justice Major

Two degree options are available in the department.
I. Bachelor of Science Degree -Criminal Justice Comprehensive Major
II. Bachelor of Science Degree -Criminal Justice Major

The minor in Criminal Justice is available for students presuming majors in other disciplines.

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