Conrad Hall
(308) 865-8519

The Residence Life office is responsible for staffing and programming in the residence halls. Residence Life also works cooperatively with the Facilities Department to keep the halls clean and well maintained. The Residence Life staff promotes a positive community atmosphere in the residence halls and is available to assist residents with their living and learning experiences at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

A student's living/learning experience in the residence halls provides the opportunity to experience new concepts, different cultures, an active community, and a pleasant and comfortable living space. Students' residential experiences encourage and enhance the academic mission of the University. Living in the residence halls provides students with a variety of opportunities to develop and expand upon the skills and attitudes necessary to become positive and productive members of society.

With that in mind, the Residence Life staff encourages students to participate in the development of their communities. Community members are expected to: 1) respect the privacy and needs of neighbors; 2) promote safety, respect and appreciate differences and; 3) uphold UNK standards of behavior. Living with a roommate, participating in programs and activities, interacting with others, and learning how to live within the established guidelines will enable students to learn more about themselves and others.

The main objective of the Residence Life staff is to provide a comfortable and safe environment in which students can build upon and enhance their life skills. The staff consists of highly trained and qualified individuals who are committed to creating a positive, interactive community experience. They will assist and challenge students to reach their full potential as they embark on or continue with their journeys to becoming well-rounded citizens.

The Residence Life staff invites and encourages student participation in the residence halls in order to create a "home away from home." The staff is dedicated to making the living experience a positive and successful one. If students need any assistance, they should not hesitate to seek out any member of the Residence Life team or stop by the main office, which is located in the lower level of Conrad Hall.

15 Aug 2011