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Pre-Nuclear Medicine Technology

The following two year program is based on the requirements for admission to the Division of Radiation Science Technology Education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska. A minimum 48 hours of pre-nuclear medicine technology courses must be completed. The Nuclear Medicine Technology Program at UNMC is a two-year (72 credit hour) program. Competition for a place in this clinical program is intense and admission is not guaranteed. Therefore, students should also plan for a college major.

  1. Requirements
    • Take all of the following:
      • BIOL 325, Medical Terminology - 1 hour
      • CHEM 160GS, General Chemistry - 3 hours
      • CHEM 160LGS, General Chemistry Laboratory - 1 hour
      • ENG 101, Introduction to Academic Writing - 3 hours
      • ENG 102GS, Academic Writing and Research - 3 hours
      • MATH 102GS*, College Algebra - 3 hours
      • *Students with sufficient preparation may enter the mathematics program at a higher level.
      • PHYS 205GS, General Physics I - 4 hours
      • PHYS 205LGS, Physics I Laboratory - 1 hour
      • SPCH 100GS, Fundamentals of Speech Communication - 3 hours
      • STAT 241GS, Elementary Statistics - 3 hours
    • Take 4 hours of biology from:
  2. Electives
    • Take 6 hours of elective courses in the humanities and social sciences:
    • Take 15 hours of elective courses:
      • These courses may include any science, math, humanities, and/social sciences. Additional courses in the sciences are recommended. See advisor.
    • (except courses numbered 188 or 388)

Students should check with other specific schools of nuclear medicine technology to which they intend to apply to ensure that any other requirements are fulfilled.

9 Oct 2012