Offered by Department of Biology

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The State of Nebraska, concerned with providing an adequate veterinary manpower, has contracted with Iowa State University to ensure space and provide partial tuition remission for qualified applicants. The following program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will prepare students for the Veterinary Medicine professional program at Iowa State University (ISU). For further information contact the Pre-Veterinary advisor in the Biology Department.

Minimum hours to complete Pre-Veterinary program = 78

  1. Take all of the following:
  2. Social Science/Humanities Electives - 9 hours
  3. Other electives - 2 hours
  4. Take 1 course from:
  5. Take ONE of the following options:
    • Take 1 course:
    • OR take 2 courses:
      • BIOL 225, Anatomy and Physiology - 4 hours
      • BIOL 226, Anatomy and Physiology - 4 hours
  6. Recommended:

5 May 2010