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(7 hours coursework from at least two Departments required; up to 15 hours count as General Studies credit. At least one of the courses taken will have a laboratory component.)

In addition to those objectives of all General Studies courses, students will:

  1. demonstrate the ability to apply the logical structure of scientific methodology in the laboratory setting,
  2. demonstrate the ability to comprehend how scientific concepts originate, are validated and refined,
  3. demonstrate the ability to use the specialized vocabulary needed to understand matter and energy.
Department of Biology
BIOL 103GS, General Biology (lab course) - 4 hours
BIOL 104GS, Biology I (lab course) - 4 hours
BIOL 107GS, Biology II (lab course) - 4 hours
BIOL 109GS, Plants and Animals (lab course) - 4 hours
BIOL 211GS, Human Micro-Biology (lab course) - 4 hours
BIOL 215GS, Human Physiology (lab course) - 4 hours
BIOL 315GS, Human Ecology - 3 hours
Department of Chemistry
CHEM 145GS, Intro Chemistry (lab course) - 4 hours
CHEM 150GS, Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (lab course) - 4 hours
CHEM 160GS, General Chemistry - 3 hours     (see prerequisites) (with CHEM 160LGS General Chemistry Lab - 1 hour) - 4 hours
CHEM 161GS, General Chemistry - 3 hours (with CHEM 161LGS General Chemistry Lab - 1 hour) - 4 hours
Department of Geography and Earth Science
GEOG 101GS, Physical Geography I: The Atmosphere (lab course) - 4 hours
GEOG 102GS, Physical Geography II: The Lithosphere (lab course) - 4 hours
GEOG 103GS, The Dynamic Planet: Hazards in the Environment - 3 hours
GEOG 207GS, Physical Geology - 3 hours
GEOG 209GS, Meteorology - 3 hours
Department of Physics
PHYS 100GS, Physical Science (lab course) - 4 hours
PHYS 131H, Newton's Universe - 4 hours
PHYS 132H, Einstein's Universe - 4 hours
PHYS 201GS, Earth Science (lab course) - 4 hours
PHYS 205GS, General Physics (lab course) - 5 hours
PHYS 206GS, General Physics (lab course) - 5 hours
PHYS 210GS, Astronomy - 3 hours
PHYS 275GS, General Physics (lab course) - 5 hours
PHYS 276GS, General Physics (lab course) - 5 hours

11 May 2006