A writing project (Thesis) provides an opportunity for the student to obtain first-hand experience in research methods under competent direction of a faculty member. The thesis writing project must be assigned to a total of at least six hours of graduate credit on the approved program of study.

At the time a student elects to write a thesis for a Master's Degree, the advisor and the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee concerned shall obtain approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research on the composition of the committee by submitting a "Proposed Supervisory Committee" form. This committee will approve a thesis problem and guide the student in the writing of the thesis. The committee will also examine the student in the required oral examination at the completion of the project. The time and place of the examination will be determined by the Chair of the Committee.

The minimum number of committee members will be three. The committee will be composed of the following graduate faculty members:

Exceptions to the composition of the thesis committee must be approved by the Graduate Program Chair and The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. The candidate, along with the major professor, may seek a review of the composition of the committee if sufficient cause is shown.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow the writing requirements set by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Thesis students shall use the "Guidelines for the Preparation of Your Master's Thesis" for their project. A .pdf version of this guide is also available on the Student Resources page of the Graduate Admissions website under THESIS Information.

The student must have an oral defense of the writing project. At that time, the supervisory committee must sign the acceptance page. Approval of the writing by every member of the supervisory committee is required.

If the candidate fails to pass the oral examination, the committee shall choose one of the following options:

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