There are several categories of Non-Degree Seeking Students at UNK. Non-degree courses can be taken for enrichment or to meet pre-acceptance requirements for entry into a graduate degree program. Up to 12 credit hours can be transferred to a degree granting program from non-degree seeking coursework. Students admitted for the first time thru the Graduate Office at UNK or who have not taken courses as a graduate-level student within the last two years, are required to pay an application fee. To apply, go to

If a student decides to pursue a graduate degree at UNK in the future, it is important to understand the university regulations about non-degree coursework. The following provides a description about non-degree graduate study at UNK:

Students with a Bachelor's Degree Now Seeking Initial Certification

Students who have a bachelor's degree in an area outside of the education field and would now like to teach, would apply to UNK thru the graduate college and choose 'initial certification' as their plan/major.

See the Post-Baccalaureate Transitional Certification Program information for more information.

Students Seeking an Additional Education Endorsement

Students who have a bachelor's degree in Education and would now like to add an additional endorsement to their current certification would apply to UNK thru the graduate college and choose 'additional endorsement' as their plan/major.

Pre-MBA Students

Students interested in pursuing an MBA may attend UNK as a Pre-MBA student to complete undergraduate pre-requisites or to complete competency hours prior to being admitted into the MBA program.

Students Seeking a Second Bachelor's Degree or Pre-SLP

Students interested in seeking a second bachelor's degree or taking Pre-Speech/Language Pathology courses should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for Admission.

3 Jul 2014