Art Program Information and Admission Requirements

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Master of Arts in Education: 36 Hours

The student must complete a "change of program" form because all transfer classes will require a review by the graduate office. Any studio courses which the student wishes to transfer to UNK for credit will have the same requirements as the review of the undergraduate studio work. Slides must represent only the work completed in those graduate studios. A copy of the course syllabus is recommended.

The Master of Art in Education - Art Education degree does not lead to certification or a field endorsement. Students who are seeking certification or a field endorsement must contact the Teacher Education Department. Certification and field endorsements require the student to meet all department, university, and state requirements.

Online Program: Art Education Research Paper

The Art Education research paper option is designed to meet the needs of those individuals who are remotely located. The research paper is the only option for online degree completion. In the research paper option, students will choose an art education topic and according to established criteria, write a scholarly paper. The paper will be reviewed by three or more faculty members. The research paper will fulfill the requirements for the comprehensive examination.

Program Admission Requirements

Acceptance into the Department of Graduate Studies and Research does not assure acceptance into the Master of Arts in Education - Art Education degree program.

In addition to the general graduate application requirements of the Department of Graduate Studies and Research, admission to the Master of Arts in Education Degree program in Art Education is based upon consideration of the following:

  1. Transcript for an accredited BA or BS degree in Art Education, or a BFA, BA or BS in a visual art degree program. These degrees must have a minimum of 24 semester hours of art/art history/art education courses. (Students with an undergraduate degree in a related discipline, such as Museum Studies or Art History, will be considered by the graduate committee based upon the relevancy of the student's transcript and the strength of the written statement).
  2. All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from individuals (not related to the applicant) who are familiar with and can attest to the student's professional qualities and academic potential.
  3. A current resume.
  4. A statement by the applicant elaborating the reasons for pursuing advanced studies in art education. The statement should be two to four pages in length using standard margins and font.
Application Deadlines are as Follows:

Upon acceptance into the program the Graduate Committee will appoint a major professor. Upon completion of six hours of course work the student's status will be evaluated and again at the completion of twelve hours. Based upon satisfactory performance at twelve hours the major professor will make recommendations for admission to candidacy. Thesis students will need to consult the Art Department's graduate handbook for thesis committee requirements.

Technology Requirements
  1. Availability of a good quality digital camera.
  2. Students who are entering the program must determine if the computer system on which they intend to complete online course work meets the minimum necessary UNK requirements for delivery. Please check the UNK webpage for a complete description of required equipment.
  3. A strong working knowledge of blackboard. An on-line tutorial is available and should be completed prior to the beginning of any on-line courses. Check with individual professors for their requirements.

23 Jul 2013