Conveniently located, CHC is inside the Memorial Student Affairs Building (MSAB) in the middle of UNK's campus. Medical and mental health records are privileged communication and strict policies protect confidentiality. Information from records will not be released without written authorization from the student.

Eligibility for Counseling and Health Care Services: Services at Counseling and Health Care are available for students who have paid the semester health fee. Students are required to present a photo ID to access the services of Counseling and Health Care.

Counseling Care

Phone: 865-8248
Emergency Crisis Phone (after business hours): 308-865-8248
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, South Hallway, Room 144

UNK Counseling Care provides personal counseling services intended to empower students in making healthy life choices for personal growth and academic success. The American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice serve as a guide in its provision of services. Strict confidentiality is a core principle. Students who are currently enrolled at UNK may choose to benefit from Counseling Care's:

Personal Counseling Services: Counseling provides an opportunity to talk with a trained professional about personal concerns. Services provide opportunities to explore oneself and different ways of approaching various individual situations. CHC's counselors enhance students' abilities to become more successful at solving their own unique personal problems. Counseling may involve exploring relationship issues, stress, academic pressures, homesickness, depression, eating disorders, drug/alcohol abuse, anxiety, grief, sexuality issues (choices, pregnancy, and assault), addictions, and more.

Health Care

Phone: 865-8218
Walk-In Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday:8:30-4:00

Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, Northwest Door, Room 184

UNK Health Care is an on-campus medical clinic. Fully licensed and qualified medical and nursing professionals are available to provide primary health care services for UNK students.

Health Care Services: Registered nurses assess all students and schedule appointments with a nurse practitioner as needed. Each semester's Health Care fee covers office visits with all Health Care clinic providers as well as treatments and health education. Additional services are available at nominal fees and include:

Health Care contracts with physicians from a local primary care clinic for more complex procedures, laboratory, and radiology services. Students evaluated at Health Care and referred to the off-site medical clinic with a written memo will not be charged for this off-site office visit. Usual and customary charges apply for any procedures or diagnostic testing done at this clinic. Current health insurance information is needed to access these services at this clinic.

Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement Form: All new students, including transfer and graduate students, are required to complete this form (also available online). Students under 19 need to have a parent's signature on this form.

The State of Nebraska requires that all students born after 1956 must provide the month, day, and year of two MMR (mumps, measles [rubeola], and rubella) vaccinations. Students may also prove immunity by presenting a rubeola antibody titer test result or documentation of physician diagnosed rubeola disease. Students must be in compliance with these requirements or they will not be permitted to register for classes.

UNK's CHC strongly recommends that all students living on campus be vaccinated for bacterial meningitis and influenza. Legislation has passed in the Nebraska Unicameral which requires the University of Nebraska System to provide parents and students with information about the meningitis vaccine. This information is received with the housing contract.

It is federally required that international students and students determined to be at high risk receive tuberculosis testing at UNK's Health Care upon arrival.

Health Insurance: UNK Health Care may not be a PPO provider with an individual student's insurance company. All UNK students are expected to (international students will*) have health and accident insurance coverage. A health insurance plan** is available to all students enrolled in 7 or more credit hours per semester. Contact HC to obtain a plan brochure and application. More information on health insurance can be found on the following web page:

*International students are required to have health insurance and will be charged for the cost of the insurance plan unless the International Student Services office approves a waiver. The waiver is provided only when the student exhibits proof of current, acceptable coverage.

**Please note that the insurance coverage will not cover all costs. Students desiring complete coverage may carry a supplemental plan of their choice.

Women's Center

Phone: 865-8279
After Hours Crisis Phone: 865-8248
Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, South Hallway, Room 158

The mission of UNK's Women's Center is to advocate, educate and empower, and provide a safe environment for female students. The Women's Center provides: campus and community-wide programming and education on gender equality, students with access to resources, a safe place to voice concerns/questions/ideas, counseling by a licensed mental health counselor, referrals to community and campus resources, and a central point of contact for victims of sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, or domestic abuse.

Health Education

Phone: 865-8092
Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, South Hallway, Room 130

The Peer Health Education program provides comprehensive health education to the UNK campus and the Kearney community. It seeks to promote health and wellness and prevent negative consequences from high-risk behaviors by supporting healthy life-styles and risk-free choices in an environment that upholds healthy social norms. UNK students are selected and trained to present educational programs for their peers and community members. Peer Health offers a number of programs on alcohol, tobacco, sexual health and body image. Make a difference. Get involved!

For additional information on our alcohol education program, visit

Crisis Management Immediate Resources

The Division of Student Affairs Office assists students, faculty, and staff with any issues or concerns that may affect a student's ability to succeed at UNK. Concern for a student may require referral to other resources for specific attention. For available resources, refer to the Crisis Management web page at or the CARE Team web page at For immediate assistance call Police and Parking Services at 627-4811 or 911.

18 Jul 2013