The Reichenbach Scholarship is awarded by the Office of Graduate Studies & Research, utilizing resources from the Reichenbach fund of the University of Nebraska Foundation. Supplemental funds are provided by contributions from UNK (graduate-degree) alums to our annual phonathon. Reichenbach Scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to graduate students who demonstrate potential as meritable scholars. These scholarships are awarded for one academic year, although a recipient may reapply for a second award. Interested students should contact the Graduate Program Committee Chair of their respective department. Two nominations of new students and two nominations of returning students are forwarded by the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) of each department to the Graduate Council for consideration. The Graduate Council will then evaluate all candidates and make their recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies & Research.

Eligibility for this award is limited to full-time graduate students. These students must adhere to the following policies:

  1. Award recipients who are also graduate assistants must complete a minimum of six (6) graduate hours per semester.
  2. Award recipients not serving as graduate assistants must complete a minimum of nine (9) graduate hours per semester.
  3. Recipients must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.00.

10 Jul 2012