1. During what is expected to be the final semester of a student's program of study, the student must file a formal application for graduation. Applications and complete graduation instructions are available at
  2. Students must have all degree requirements completed prior to participating in a commencement ceremony.
  3. A student planning to graduate in December must make application no later than September 15; one planning to graduate in May must make application no later than February 1; and one planning to graduate at the end of the summer session must make application no later than June 15.
  4. Students applying on or before the above deadlines will be assessed a $25 Graduation Fee.
  5. All incomplete grades and all academic obligations outside of the term's work must be resolved prior to the date of graduation or other arrangements must be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research to allow the student to continue with the graduation process. A student must be enrolled in all remaining course work required for the degree in order to be considered for graduation. If all degree requirements are not completed by the anticipated graduation date, then the student must re-apply and again pay the $25 fee in order to graduate.
  6. All financial and procedural obligations to the institution must be met in order for the degree to be awarded. Students with outstanding requirements will be notified of such holds and the degree will not be granted until the obligations are cleared. Students who fail to resolve all obligations will be removed from graduation and must reapply for a future graduation date.
  7. Participation in Commencement and/or receipt of the diploma DO NOT indicate that a degree has been granted. Only after final grades for the semester have been processed and reviewed and compliance with all academic regulations has been determined, will the actual degree be posted to a student's transcript. The transcript is the official record of the awarding of a degree.

There are commencement ceremonies performed following each semester. Participation is encouraged, although is not mandatory. All academic requirements must be completed and financial indebtedness paid to the University prior to the posting of the degree and release of transcripts.

16 Jul 2013