The goal of Graduate Studies is to develop in each student an appreciation of knowledge and to provide an intellectual stimulus for advanced study. A scholarly education is pursued through mutual deliberation between students and faculty on philosophies, concepts and natural phenomena relevant to a world society. Graduate study is offered in several fields for students who wish to increase their effectiveness in the arts and sciences, education, government, business and industry. Emphasis is placed upon current thinking, modern practice and research findings in academic and professional education. The general objectives of Graduate Studies are:

  1. To provide challenging studies for those students who seek the knowledge and competencies inherent in an advanced degree in the field of teaching.
  2. To offer programs of study and advanced degrees for those students who wish to further their academic and professional education in fields of endeavor other than teaching.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the non-degree student to increase academic and professional competencies.
  4. To provide experiences for graduate students which will enhance their cultural, attitudinal and philosophical values.
  5. To provide research experiences for graduate students to enable them to become adept in developing and applying research techniques and in the interpretation of information derived from research.
  6. To provide opportunities for graduate students to become involved in scholarly endeavors through participation in independent study, field research, internships and the development of thesis problems.

19 May 2010