The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers masters and specialist degree programs in selected areas of study determined by the educational needs of the citizens of the region and by academic resources. The Office of Graduate Studies and Research (GSR) is responsible for the governance of graduate instructional programs through the polices on the University of Nebraska Graduate College and the University of Nebraska at Kearney Graduate Council. Graduate Studies and Research encourages, facilitates, and supports the research and creative activities of faculty and students in all units of the university.

The mission of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research is to promote, support, and advance an inclusive community of scholars and learners who participate in high quality graduate programs. The office's functional units work with faculty and staff from across the university to create and foster the highest quality academic programs. The GSR is committed to serving students and faculty through responsive support programs and advocating for excellence in all areas of discovery, creativity, and scholarship. To this end, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research will be responsive and innovative in developing policies, procedures, and activities that support graduate education and student and faculty research at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research has as its central purposes:

  1. To provide support for graduate programs through the leadership of the Dean and the Graduate Council, representing the graduate faculty;
  2. To ensure the quality of graduate programs through support for program self-assessment and through regular program review;
  3. To meet the needs of qualified students by providing access to graduate programs and opportunities for continued professional and personal development; and
  4. To stimulate and support creative, scholarly, and research activity through the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Research Services Council, the Undergraduate Research Council, and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

19 May 2010