Offered by Department of Educational Administration

Curriculum Supervisor of Academic Area
Master of Arts in Education Degree

This program is offered online only.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney provides a program for the preparation of academic area field supervisors which fulfill the requirements for the Standard Administrative and Supervisory Certificate with an endorsement in a specific field. It is also offered as a non-certification program. This program is under the direction of the Educational Administration Department.

MAE in Curriculum Supervisor of Academic Area = 36 hours

  1. Foundations (6 hours required)
    • Appropriate courses selected with the consent of the advisor in the Educational Administration Department. Programs of study must include an appropriate research course.
  2. Educational Administration (30 hours required)
    • Take all of the following:
      • EDAD 832, Current Issues in Education - 3 hours
      • EDAD 833, EDAD Assessment Leadership - 3 hours
      • EDAD 848, Curriculum Planning - 3 hours
      • EDAD 851, Human Resource Management - 3 hours
      • EDAD 854, Introduction to Educational Administration - 3 hours
      • EDAD 855, Supervision of Instruction - 3 hours
      • EDAD 940, Administrative Theory - 3 hours
      • EDAD 956, School/Community Relations - 3 hours
      • EDAD 998, Internship - 3 hours
      • CSP 800, Advanced Educational Psychology - 3 hours

Admission to the Program

Admission criteria are essentially the same as for admission to other programs in Educational Administration. In addition, the candidate must hold a currently valid endorsement in the academic area selected for this program, with two years of experience as a teacher in the content area. Noncertification program candidates do not require endorsements. In addition to the recommendation for graduate work, the candidate must have strong recommendations from his/her superintendent and immediate supervisor supporting the applicant's candidacy for the specific role of supervisor.

The candidate also must meet all other academic requirements for admission to the Master of Arts in Education Degree with a major in Educational Administration. The Educational Administration Department requires a common core of competencies for content area supervisors.

See Educational Administration Program Information and Admission Requirements for more information about the program.

14 Jul 2011