Offered by Department of Sociology, Geography and Earth Science
College of Natural and Social Sciences

SOC Courses

SOC 820P - Race and Minority Relations - 3 hours
Prereq: SOC 100 or SOC 250 or permission
Examines the history and status of minority groups in society; the relationship between minority groups and the dominant group; focusing on the causes of intergroup conflict and solutions to intergroup problems.
SOC 830P - Sociology of Family - 3 hours
Prereq: SOC 100 or SOC 250 or permission
A sociological analysis of the family as a social unit. Topics focus on historical changes, cultural patterns, alterations in gender roles as they affect family roles, social class influences, group processes in families, institutional relationships with the polity, economy, religious, and economic institutions, and the future of the family.
SOC 842P - Sociology of Religion - 3 hours
Prereq: SOC 100 or SOC 250 or permission
Examines religion as a social phenomenon and attempts to relate it to other aspects of human social life. Topics include the dilemmas of belief and institutionalization, religious movements, religion and change, secularization, and the future of religion.
SOC 861P - Deviance and Social Control - 3 hours
Prereq: SOC 100 or SOC 250 or permission
The philosophical assumptions embedded in the theories of deviance are examined and applied in the critical reading of deviance texts. A basic question explored is who and what are defined as deviant by each of the sociological perspectives. Through this examination we will investigate who controls social behavior and the basis of control contained within the theories. Topics include crime, mental illness, victimless crime, and elite/corporate deviance.
SOC 862P - Sociology of Health and Illness - 3 hours
Prereq: SOC 100 or SOC 250 or permission
This course provides an introduction to the field of medical sociology with attention to physical as well as mental illnesses. The emphasis will be upon the influence of social factors in becoming ill and social factors which influence treatment. Topics to be covered will include: epidemiology, health and illness behavior, the health professions, health care institutions, and alternative systems of health care.
SOC 876 - Seminar in Social Psychology - 3 hours
This course is designed to investigate the effect of various social factors and situations on the perceptions and behavior of humans. Analysis of the conceptual tools for investigating human activity and applications of the theoretical and conceptual perspectives will be considered as they are related to social settings and organizations where humans interact.
SOC 890 - Directed Research - 1-3 hours
Prereq: SOC 237 or permission
Independent original research of a selected topic in sociology under the direction of a sociology graduate faculty member.
SOC 896 - Thesis - 3-6 hours
SOC 899 - Directed Readings - 1-3 hours
Prereq: two 300- or 400-level SOC courses OR permission
Independent readings on advanced sociological topics. Readings are to be selected and directed by a sociology graduate faculty member.

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

17 Mar 2008