Offered by Department of Sociology, Geography and Earth Science
College of Natural and Social Sciences

GEOG Courses

GEOG 800P - Water Resources - 3 hours
This course is an overview of issues relating to water resources with an emphasis on the United States. Some of the topics will include: the hydrologic cycle, global status of water resources, water conflicts, droughts and floods, irrigation efficiency, water quality, applications of satellite data, precision agriculture, water resources management, and the impact of climate change on water resources.
GEOG 810P - Geographical Techniques and Thought - 3 hours
Prereq: at least two geography courses or graduate status
This course deals with the philosophy, goals, research and teaching methods of geography. Included will be an introduction to the literature of the discipline.
GEOG 840P - Seminar in Regional Geography - 1-3 hours
Prereq: GEOG 104 or GEOG 106 or permission of instructor
Designed for a penetrating analysis of spatial distribution patterns of physical and cultural phenomena of selected world regions.
GEOG 841P - Selected Topics in Cultural Geography - 3 hours
Prereq: GEOG 104 and GEOG 106 OR permission of instructor
Advanced, in-depth studies of various segments of Human Geography.
GEOG 856P - Spring, Summer or International Field Study - 1-4 hours
A two to three week field study through selected sites in the Southwestern states. Includes study of geologic, geographic, archeological, cultural, and environmental phenomena in a variety of diverse regions.
GEOG 858P - Great Plains Studies - 1-3 hours
Great Plains Studies offers the opportunity to reflect on life through the literature and other lore of the Great Plains. Through a different subject focus each offering, the course integrates literary, historical, and paleontological investigations around issues affecting the plains, with a special focus on "prairie." May be offered independently or, as the Prairie Institute, offered interdisciplinarily as 1 credit each in English, History, and Geography (with which it is cross-listed). Credit for the Institute requires reading and writing assignments completed outside the contact hours of the Institute. Repeatable for credit.
GEOG 890 - Directed Research - 1-3 hours
Independent original research of a selected topic in geography under the direction of a geography graduate faculty member.
GEOG 898 - Directed Readings - 1-3 hours
Independent readings on advanced geography topics. Readings to be selected and directed by a geography graduate faculty member.
GEOG 899P - Independent Study - 1-3 hours
Independent investigation of a selected problem in geography or earth science; under the direction of any geography faculty member. Permission of department chair required to enroll.

10 Feb 2012