Offered by Department of Economics
College of Business and Technology

BSED Courses

BSED 800 - Improvement of Instruction in Keyboarding - 3 hours
A study of the methods used in teaching beginning and advanced keyboarding. Evaluation of teaching materials. The study of teaching procedures recommended by authorities. Student and teacher demonstrations of good procedures. Special consideration of major problems.
BSED 801 - Practicum in Economic Education - 3 hours
The place of economic education and the content of such a program in secondary schools.
BSED 831P - Coordinating Techniques - 3 hours
This course analyzes vocational cooperative programs and their relationship to the comprehensive school curriculum for combining school-based and work-based learning. The challenges of developing and implementing an effective work-based learning experience are explored. Emphasis is placed on the organization and supervision of cooperative programs, the duties and responsibilities of the coordinator, the selection and placement of students, the evaluation of training stations, and the evaluation of student occupational competencies.

15 Dec 2011