Biology Program Information and Admission Requirements

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Master of Science in Biology: 36 Hours
Admission Requirements

All students must meet the general entrance requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

A letter of intent outlining professional goals must be uploaded during the application process. The letter should be a concise essay concerning career goals and identification of the means by which the student proposes to achieve these goals. Accomplishments toward these goals should be included, but personal information should not be included in this letter.

Students interested in a thesis option must first contact the Graduate Program Committee Chair and receive support from a faculty member for acceptance into the program.

Admission to a Master's degree program in Biology is based on consideration of the following:

Graduation Requirements
Transfer Credits

Students are allowed to transfer up to 9 hours into their degree path. These credits must fall into the following parameters:

  1. All courses must be Graduate level Biology credits from an accredited institution.
  2. Courses must be competed with a grade of B or better and must not have been graded as pass/fail.
  3. All courses on your degree path must be completed within the given 10 year time frame.
  4. Courses cannot have been used in obtaining another degree.

27 Jun 2011