Offered by Department of Communication
College of Fine Arts and Humanities

SPCH Courses

SPCH 800 - Philosophy of Communication - 3 hours
Prereq: SPCH 890P or SPCH 899P or permission
A consideration and analysis of the nature of speech as an activity of daily life. An in-depth investigation of the traditional speech disciplines from historical, critical, and theoretical perspectives.
SPCH 801P - Special Topics in Speech Communications - 1-3 hours
Course work on a specific topic of communication designed by the instructor. Topics vary per offering.
SPCH 802 - Introduction to Graduate Study in Speech - 3 hours
Introduction to the graduate program and principles and standards of research in communication. Critical consideration of the literature of the discipline, and an introduction to major research methods: empirical, creative, analytical, and historical.
SPCH 805 - Administration and Direction of Forensic Programs - 3 hours
Organization and administration of forensic programs in high schools and colleges, management of inter-school contests and tournaments, coaching of debate, discussion and individual events, and principles of judging.
SPCH 830 - The Teaching of Speech/Theatre - 3 hours
Consideration of problems and techniques in the teaching of speech and theatre on the high school and college level. Construction of courses of study, evaluation of textbooks, and analysis of developments in various areas of speech/theatre.
SPCH 850P - General Semantics - 3 hours
A study of the relationships of symbol systems of the development of personalities, organizations, and societies.
SPCH 851P - Leadership Communication - 3 hours
A study of the characteristics, styles, roles, and motivation of successful leaders. Includes study and practice in parliamentary process.
SPCH 852P - Theories of Organizational Communication - 3 hours
A study of major theories of communication within the organization: scientific, humanistic, systems decision making and communication approaches.
SPCH 853P - Interviewing - 3 hours
Theories and techniques of interviewing, including information gathering, employment, appraisal, and persuasive interviewing.
SPCH 854P - Intercultural Communication - 3 hours
Study of communication across cultures.
SPCH 855P - Communication Training and Consulting - 3 hours
A study of how to plan, conduct, and evaluate communication training and development programs within the organization.
SPCH 856P - Rhetorical Theory - 3 hours
A study of theories of persuasion in Greek, Roman, continental, and modern periods. Special emphasis on the works of Aristotle, Campbell, and Burke.
SPCH 857P - Contemporary Rhetorical Theory - 3 hours
A study of modern rhetorical theories of intervention, human knowing, ethics of communication, and media effects.
SPCH 860 - Directed Studies - 1-4 hours
Independent research or special assignment in the student's major field.
SPCH 875P - Internship - 1-6 hours
SPCH 882 - Rhetorical Criticism - 3 hours
Prereq: SPCH 856P or permission
An examination and study of the principles of rhetorical criticism from Aristotle to contemporary critics. Application of critical principles in analysis of speakers, speeches and social movements.
SPCH 890P - Theories of Interpersonal Communication - 3 hours
A survey of major theories and research in interpersonal communication.
SPCH 892 - Seminar in Speech - 3 hours
Concentrated study of selected topics in speech communication. (May be repeated for a total of 6 hours.)
SPCH 896 - Thesis - 3-6 hours
SPCH 899P - Communication Theory - 3 hours
A study of social and scientific theories of interpersonal, group, organizational, and mass communication.

9 Aug 2006