Offered by Department of Economics
College of Business and Technology

ECON Courses

ECON 803 - Independent Study of Business - 1-3 hours
Students work individually in selecting and developing research studies or teaching projects that are of particular interest and significance to them.
ECON 830/830P - International Economics - 3 hours
Prereq: graduate standing; ECON 100 or ECON 270 or ECON 271
This course is directed toward an introduction to the international economy, the theory of international trade, balance of payments, economic growth, financial and commercial policy.
ECON 845/845P - Industrial Organization - 3 hours
Prereq: graduate standing, ECON 271
This course is concerned with the behavior of firms and the resulting effects on market outcomes and welfare. As such it analyzes firm behavior and market structure within a single industry and discusses the challenges associated with regulation/deregulation of industries and the implementation of antitrust policy.
ECON 850 - Managerial Economics - 3 hours
Prereq: graduate standing, 3 hours of ECON
Extension of economic analysis to meet the need for greater precision in the management of the business enterprise. Draws upon economic analysis for such concepts as cost, demand, profit and competition. Attempts to bridge the gap between pure analytical problems and policies that management faces. Offers powerful tools and approaches for managerial policy making.
ECON 865/865P - Economics of Transportation - 3 hours
Prereq: graduate standing, ECON 271
This course is concerned with the nature, role and regulation of transportation, and current economic, legal and policy problems in the field of transportation.
ECON 899P - Special Topics in Economics - 1-3 hours

6 Feb 2008