Offered by Department of Industrial Technology
College of Business and Technology

SFED Courses

SFED 835P - Occupational Safety and Health - 3 hours
Safety and health administration, accident prevention, and the control of health requirements. Suitable for industrial education teachers and managers in industry.
SFED 836P - Organization, Administration, and Supervision of Safety Programs - 3 hours
A study of safety programs at the state and local level including the administrative, instructional and protective aspects of a comprehensive safety program. Recommended for those preparing for supervisory positions at the local and state levels in various areas of safety.
SFED 850P - Driver Performance Measurement - 3 hours
This course teaches principles designed to develop and administer a valid and reliable road test.
SFED 899P - Individual Research in Safety - 1-3 hours
Prereq: permission of instructor
Independent investigation of safety problems. Topics may be tailored to meet the needs of the student.

22 Aug 2006