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CSP Courses

CSP 800 - Advanced Educational Psychology - 3 hours
This course focuses on school learning, its assessment and factors that are related to it. These factors include, for example, learner's development and characteristics (biological, psychological, cultural and social), learner's exceptionalities, teacher's instructional and behavior management techniques, and social influences. Current issues and problems will be studied and discussed in a seminar setting. There will also be opportunity to study topics of individual concern.
CSP 801P - Counseling Skills - 3 hours
This class is for those entering or already in one of the helping professions. It focuses on understanding and applying a broad range of listening and communication skills in one-to-one interactions as well as in small group settings. Students actively practice building skills in class and out of class.
CSP 805 - Behavioral Characteristics of Children and Adolescents - 3 hours
This course provides the opportunity for persons in the helping professions to better understand children and adolescents by exploring the factors contributing to their behavior. Behavioral development will be studied by considering biological, social, and ecological perspectives. Additionally, specific childhood behavior disorders (those frequently encountered in schools) will be studied by focusing on etiology, manifestation of the disorder, and treatment issues.
CSP 806P - Learning from Children - 3 hours
This course provides opportunity to study teaching/learning interactions in which the teacher is a child and the learner is an adult. There is direct observation of child/adult interaction, a brief study of class members' recollections of their own childhoods, and a study of neotenous (childlike) adults. The course is graded credit/no credit at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
CSP 830 - Seminar: Professional Issues/Ethics in Counseling - 1-6 hours
Prereq: CSP 885*
Seminar is taken in conjunction with the internship experience and provides the student with the opportunity to investigate specific professional topics and issues in addition to other required topics in the area of professional issues and ethics. Many of the topics are specific to the counseling environment (school or community) such as legal issues, credentials/licensure, assessments, counselor's role in the community, advocacy and social change, research and other topics as designated.
CSP 831 - Seminar: Professional Issues/Ethics in School Counseling - 1-6 hours
Prereq: CSP 885*
This course is taken in conjunction with the school counseling internship experience and provides the student with the opportunity to investigate professional issues and ethics specific to the role of the school counselor, such as legal issues, certification/endorsement, assessments, school counselor role, student advocacy and social change, research and other topics as designated.
CSP 835 - Independent Study - 1-6 hours
Prereq: to have been accepted as a candidate for a degree; to have a minimum of 18 credit hours completed on the graduate program of studies and on file; and to have obtained the approval of the Counselor Education Committee previous to enrollment for the course. The student develops and implements a plan of study with the help of a member of the graduate faculty in the CSP Department.
CSP 840 - Counseling Across the Lifespan - 3 hours
The course will provide a broad knowledge base concerning human development across the lifespan as it affects the counseling process. Counseling strategies/interventions for developmental needs will be studied and a systemic approach to self, family and career will be used.
CSP 850P - Introduction to Counseling - 3 hours
This class deals with the following issues related to counseling: historical development of counseling; ethical and legal issues in counseling; current psychological theories and their influence on counseling; work settings of counselors; and, major research issues in counseling.
CSP 855 - Techniques of Counseling - 3 hours
Prereq: open to majors in Counseling and School Psychology with advisor approval
Attention is given to understanding the psychological significance of the counseling relationship and to the development of the specific skills of counseling. This course is a pre-practicum experience.
CSP 856 - Multicultural Counseling - 3 hours
This course addresses trends, issues, theories, concepts and professional practice in multicultural counseling by building awareness of one's assumptions, values and biases regarding cultural diversity, promoting understanding of the worldview and sociopolitical history of culturally diverse clients, and developing appropriate intervention strategies and techniques for working with and/or advocating for culturally diverse clients.
CSP 860 - Theories of Counseling - 3 hours
This course affords the student an opportunity to study, both independently and through cooperative group activity, the classical and contemporary theories of counseling. Theories representing the traditional "three forces" in counseling (i.e., dynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic) are examined. Cultural diversity and multiculturalism are addressed as they relate to counseling theory and practice. Central to the study of all theoretical approaches is the paradigmatic shift from "individualism" toward a greater appreciation of "collectivism."
CSP 861P - School Counseling Organization and Practice - 3 hours
The focus of this course is on organization and structure of the comprehensive K-12, developmental counseling/guidance programs.
CSP 862 - Organization and Practice in Community Counseling - 3 hours
Prereq: Abnormal Psychology (appropriate coursework or documented experience) and advisor approval
Organization and Practice in Community Counseling provides preparation for community counselors concerning the role of counselors in a variety of community mental health settings, provides knowledge skills and flexibility in a variety of approaches needed to meet client needs, and to become an active community counselor able to assist communities in the recognition and resolution of its mental health issues.
CSP 864 - Student Affairs Organization & Practice - 3 hours
The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the organization and structure of student affairs programs in American higher education settings. The course will cover the history of the student affairs profession, the development of specific functions within the field of student affairs, and the relation to and integration of those functions into the educational mission of higher education institutions. Scholarly skills in the areas of research, critical evaluation, and writing will also be emphasized.
CSP 865 - Group Counseling - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 855, advisor approval
Designed to enable the counselor to (1) gain understanding concerning the theory of group dynamics as it relates to counseling; (2) form a point of view concerning the process and function of counseling in groups; (3) gain competency in the use of effective group counseling techniques. The course includes a laboratory experience in human relations.
CSP 867P - Psychodrama - 3 hours
This course is an introduction to psychodramatic techniques. Psychodrama is an action therapy that uses movement, motion, and action as part of the therapeutic process. It integrates verbal and action techniques into a holistic process that produces insight and learning for the client. Learning in this course is primarily experiential.
CSP 870 - Marriage and Family Counseling - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 865* or by permission of the department
This course addresses systems theory in relation to family counseling theory, developmental theory and the dynamics of the family. The students will become knowledgeable about skills needed to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with a family, conducting family of origin study for self and others, social/cultural influences that impact the family and issues of the family.
CSP 875 - Career and Lifestyle Development - 3 hours
This course includes a study of the following areas: needs for guidance, theories of career development, career development factors, the information system, the location and organization of local information, decision-making in both individual and group counseling situations, and the relationship of the information system to the guidance program.
CSP 880 - Appraisal and Evaluation of Individuals and Systems - 3 hours
This course deals with fundamental principles in appraisal of individuals. Students study purposes of appraisal, historical and current issues that affect purposes/principles of appraisal, typical means of assessment and their interpretation, use of standardized and nonstandardized appraisal techniques, sociometric and environmental assessment, responsible use of appraisal information, legal and ethical issues and professional issues and standards as well as current trends in assessment and appraisal.
CSP 885 - Practicum in Counseling and Guidance - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 855, CSP 865*, admission to candidacy, advisor approval OR by special permission of the Counselor Education Committee
Practicum requires extensive time for direct counseling experience, self-evaluation, critical interaction with other students, and critiquing of taped interviews with the practicum supervisor. The practicum setting is designated by the program: Community, Elementary, Secondary School, Student Affairs. Other settings are available by prior arrangement.
CSP 886 - Advanced Practicum in Counseling and Guidance - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 885*, open by permission only
Direct experience under supervision will be provided in the areas of individual, group, and family counseling.
CSP 892 - Internship in Counseling and Guidance - 1-9 hours
Prereq: CSP 885*, open by permission only
Direct experience in a counselor work setting under the supervision of a licensed/certified counselor and a Department of Counseling and School Psychology coordinator. The setting is designated by the program: Community, Elementary, Secondary School, Student Affairs. 1 credit hour=100 clock hours logged within the setting.
CSP 896 - Thesis - 1-6 hours
CSP 899P - Special Topics - 1-3 hours
This course addresses current and recent issues/needs related to counseling and school psychology. The course format varies depending on subject matter, instructor and student needs.
CSP 901 - Professional Issues Seminar-School Psychology - 3 hours
Prereq: open by permission of department only
This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the major and contemporary issues impacting upon the profession of School Psychology. A seminar/discussion format will be utilized.
CSP 903 - Introduction to the Bayley Scales - 1 hour
Prereq: admission to program, open by permission of the department only
This course will enable students to become familiar with the development, administration, and beginning levels of interpretation of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development-2nd Edition. It will not result in mastery of the administration and/or usage of this instrument. Additional practice and experience will be necessary to attain mastery.
CSP 904 - Birth to Five Screening - 1 hour
Prereq: admission to program, open by permission of the department only
The screening of infants and preschoolers is an often overlooked component in the assessment process. This course addresses the screening process and students will develop skill in the administration and interpretation of the Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener and the First Step Screener.
CSP 905 - Behavioral Problem Solving Assessment - 3 hours
Prereq: open by permission of department only
The students will develop: (a) the necessary skills for, and his/her approach to, assessment of the ecological domains pertinent to understanding the child's referral concerns; including social, emotional, environmental, and biological bases of behavior; (b) the skills to conduct comprehensive behavioral assessments; (c) the skills to integrate data collected from behavioral/ecological/personality assessment in order to have maximum effective impact upon individualized and regular education programs.
CSP 906 - Infant/Preschool Assessment - 3 hours
Prereq: admission to program
This course provides students with the opportunity to develop a knowledge base and applied skills in a model of collaborative team assessment to be used with children and families in the birth to five age range. This model (as an alternative to traditional assessment) incorporates normative and criterion measures, play based assessment, is maximally comprehensive, family friendly, interdisciplinary, and yields information necessary for placement decisions as well as intervention planning.
CSP 907 - Academic Problem Solving Assessment - 3 hours
Prereq: admission to program
One of the primary roles of the school psychologist is that of facilitator of data based decision making in schools. This course will focus upon usage of the Problem Solving model of data collection and student progress monitoring regarding the area of academic achievement. This course is designed to familiarize the student with the basic skills and experience necessary to utilize traditional academic data collection as well as Curriculum Based Measurement approaches to assess student skills, create intervention plans, monitor student progress, and measure student outcome. This approach to Problem Solving Assessment will be presented as procedures that can be used to supplement and/or supplant traditional approaches to psychoeducational assessment.
CSP 908 - Orientation to School Psychology - 2 hours
This course serves as an introductory course for students entering the School Psychology program. The class combines seminar and field experiences to familiarize students with: (a) the school psychology program and requirements at the University of Nebraska at Kearney; (b) the profession of school psychology and the role and functions of school psychologists; (c) the role and function of other helping professionals with whom school psychologists consult and coordinate in providing services to children and families, (d) legal and ethical issues in school psychology; (e) credentialing.
CSP 910 - Cognitive/Academic Interventions - 3 hours
The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the principles which guide the development and linkage between assessment and intervention. The impact and interrelationships between assessment and interventions will be stressed. An overview of etiology, characteristics and appropriate interventions for selected exceptionalities for school aged population will be the focus.
CSP 920 - Cognitive Problem Solving Assessment - 3 hours
Prereq: open by permission of department only
The student will develop skill in the standardized administration of instruments designed to measure cognitive skills and/or intelligence and other commonly used assessment tools including those measuring nonverbal intelligence.
CSP 921 - School Psychology Interventions Practicum - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 855, CSP 910, CSP 957*
The purpose of this practicum course is to augment skills and knowledge relevant to the development and delivery of therapeutic interventions with children and/or adolescents in diverse educational and/or clinical settings. Utilizing a scientist-practitioner model, the focus will be on theoretical issues, application, and evaluation of major empirically-validated therapeutic approaches that represent best practices in developing, implementing, and evaluating therapeutic interventions to address behavioral, social, emotional, and academic concerns in children and adolescents. Multicultural, legal, and ethical issues pertaining to treatment selection and the provision of mental health, academic, and related services will be discussed. Participants will also have the opportunity to facilitate communication and collaboration with children and youth and among teams of school personnel, families, community professionals, and/or other diverse audiences in a variety of contexts.
CSP 922 - Problem Solving Assessment Practicum - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 905, CSP 906, CSP 907, CSP 910, CSP 920, open by permission of the department
Students will develop understanding and skill in diagnostic testing, ecological evaluation, and prescriptive intervention, team problem solving, and consultation by completing a minimum of four comprehensive case evaluations for presentation involving approximately 50 hours of field experience.
CSP 957 - Problem Solving Consultation - 3 hours
Prereq: CSP 855
Consultation, an important component of the roles of both school counselors and school psychologists, is an indirect service delivery model through which expertise and services of school counselors and school psychologists can be delivered within the schools. Emphasis will be placed on the role of school counselor and school psychologist as an "ally to general education" who provides pre-referral intervention as well as post-referral support through consultation. Historical context, major models of consultation, and legal and ethical issues related to consultation are addressed as well as skill development in this intervention.
CSP 990 - Pre-Internship Seminar - 3 hours
Prereq: admission to program, open by permission of department only, must be in last year of coursework prior to internship
This course is designed to enable students of school psychology to prepare themselves for entry into a 1200 clock-hour internship. This course combines seminar work sessions with Professional Development Seminar Series sessions as students finalize their transition from university to field placement.
CSP 991 - Scholarly Study - 1-6 hours
Prereq: TE 802, open to candidates for the Master's Degree or Specialist Degree in Counseling and School Psychology OR by special permission
A seminar designed to provide background and assistance in the design and formulation of a scholarly study. Experience will include presentations on selecting and narrowing topics of study, development of the proposal, data collection and analysis, computer applications, and writing the study. Required for Ed.S. graduation.
CSP 992 - Internship in School Psychology - 1-12 hours
Prereq: CSP 921*, CSP 922*, open by permission only
Direct field experience in a school psychological work setting under the supervision of a licensed or certified school psychologist as well as under the general supervision of a faculty member from the Department of Counseling and School Psychology. A minimum of 1,200 clock hours are required (i.e. full-time one year or halftime for two years) with at least 600 of the 1,200 clock hours logged within a school setting.

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

25 May 2010