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Business Administration Program Information and Admission Requirements

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Master of Business Administration Degree

The MBA degree is a professional graduate degree designed to provide a challenging educational experience for students who desire to assume positions of increasing responsibility in business, industry, and public service. Required courses are offered primarily in the evening to accommodate students who wish to further their professional development without terminating their employment.

The objective of the MBA Program is to provide students with a comprehensive exposure to Business Administration and its functional areas. The emphasis of the program is on decision making, problem solving, and understanding the role of business in society. It endeavors to improve and enhance the student's management skills in business, industry and government. In addition, the program provides managerial proficiency for graduates with academic backgrounds other than business.

The goal of the MBA Program is to prepare students to meet the challenges inherent in a rapidly changing economic environment. The program provides an educational opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and managerial skills, and to develop a global perspective essential in today's marketplace.

Courses in the program cover management, marketing, accounting and finance and include the use of computers, statistics and quantitative methods as tools for analysis of business activities. The student examines human behavior in organizations, the communication process, and economic analysis and develops an understanding of managerial policy making and the social responsibilities of business.

Admission Criteria

The admittance requirement for the MBA program is a total of 990 points from the following formula:
200 (Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT score
The GMAT score must be 440 or above.

We will admit up to 10% of our students failing to meet the above requirement using the following procedure:

  1. Students must take the GMAT at least twice before they can be considered for admittance under exceptional circumstances;
  2. The student's GMAT score must be 420 to be considered for admittance under exceptional circumstances;
  3. The highest GMAT score will be used in our admittance decisions, instead of an average for all times the exam was taken.

If a student meets the above guidelines, a subcommittee of the MBA program committee (one member from each department) will recommend an admittance decision to the MBA Director. The MBA Director will make the final decision regarding admittance to these students.

Factors to be considered by the subcommittee and the MBA director in exceptional admittance decisions include:

  1. Undergraduate GPA
  2. Difficulty of undergraduate program
  3. Undergraduate university attended
  4. Significant prior work experience

If needed, a personal interview will be conducted to help the subcommittee and the MBA Director make the final decision.

International Students

Applicants whose degrees were earned outside the United States are required to have their transcripts evaluated by a credential evaluation firm. Refer to the international graduate application form for additional information. International students must also have a minimum score of 213 on the computerized TOEFL exam or 550 on the paper TOEFL exam in addition to the above requirements.

Application Materials

For information regarding the requirements for admission to the MBA Program, please contact:

MBA Program Policies

In addition to the academic policies listed in the front of this catalog that govern all graduate students, the following policies are specific to the MBA program:

  1. Students must be admitted to the program before completing more than 6 hours of required "MBA core" courses or graduate level electives.
  2. BMGT 892 Administration Policy is the capstone course and should be taken with/after the other core classes.
  3. MBA Supporting Core courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "C".
  4. The student shall maintain an average grade of at least "B" (3.0) in all graduate courses completed. No grades below "C" and no more than two "C" grades will be accepted in the MBA graduate program.

28 Feb 2008