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History Program Information and Admission Requirements

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Master of Arts Degree
Graduate Certificate in History

Students interested in pursuing a program of study in History should:

  1. Meet the requirements for admission to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research,
  2. Have completed an undergraduate program containing at least 18 semester hours of history,
  3. Submit to the Department Chair evidence of the writing skills necessary for graduate level course work (The submission of previous written work, or an essay written in the presence of the Department Chair, are normally required) and,
  4. Submit an official Graduate Record General Examination test score.
Program Requirements
Comprehensive Examinations

All students must successfully complete a comprehensive examination to be administered within nine months following the completion of course work. This will include both written and oral examinations over the major and minor fields. Thesis students will define their thesis proposal in the written component, and defend their completed thesis as the oral component.

The thesis committee will be the examining committee for thesis students. The committee for non-thesis students will be composed of graduate faculty with the Department Graduate Committee Chair serving as moderator. A majority vote by the student's examining committee will determine whether the student has successfully passed the examinations.

Although unsuccessful students may take the exams a second time, they must apply for a waiver should the time limit have expired. The decision to waive this time requirement will be granted at the discretion of the majority of the Department's Graduate Committee.

Thesis and Thesis Committee

A completed thesis must be submitted for the approval of the thesis committee within two years from the completion of the course work. This time requirement may be waived at the discretion of the majority of the Department's Graduate Committee. The thesis committee shall consist of four members: The candidate's thesis advisor/major professor, who shall serve as chair, two readers from the Department of History (at least one must be Graduate Faculty), and a graduate faculty member from another department in a related field.

22 Aug 2006