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Counseling & School Psychology Program Information and Admission Requirements

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The department offers two levels of degrees:


All students are assigned an academic advisor within the department upon admission.

Admission to Pursue a Degree

Students must be admitted for a degree or endorsement program prior to completion of the twelfth (12th) hour of credit within the department. A onetime, nonrefundable fee, which covers the cost of departmental examinations and processing, is required.

To be admitted to pursue a degree or endorsement program, a student should follow these steps:

  1. Apply to the Graduate College; specify the desired CSP program.
  2. Submit academic history, including undergraduate/graduate transcripts to the Graduate Office.
  3. Contact the department secretary for admission materials and to sign up for the admission process.
  4. Participate in the admissions process (available in the fall and spring semesters).
    • Assessment instruments
    • Interview with department faculty
    • Written materials
  5. Department recommendations for admissions are submitted to the Graduate Dean who sends admission decisions to applicants

Those planning to be full-time students in Counseling or School Psychology should obtain full admission the semester prior to full-time enrollment.

Application for Candidacy

Application for admission to candidacy must be made prior to completion of the twenty-fourth (24th) hour (M.S.) or thirty-fourth (34th) hour (Ed.S.) of graduate study. The department will recommend candidacy based on the evaluation of:

  1. Satisfactory completion of admission to graduate school study, to the department, and the department approval of Program of Study.
  2. Satisfactory academic performance.
  3. Professional development of the student and fitness for the profession.
  4. Adherence to Ethical Standards
Comprehensive Examinations

All students seeking degrees and/or endorsements are required to complete comprehensive examinations. The examinations may be written, oral or both. Additionally, in order to successfully complete a degree program, students must meet the expectations outlined in department academic progress and ethical conduct policies (see respective Program Handbook for more detailed information).

22 Jun 2007