Offered by Department of Industrial Technology:

Professional Teaching Certificate Option -
Supplemental Endorsement in Driver Education

AD 2005

Students must complete two Teaching Subject Endorsements or one Field Endorsement in addition to this Supplemental Endorsement.

Minimum required for endorsement = 13
1. A teaching certificate with an endorsement in another subject field.
2. A Nebraska driver's license.
3. A minimum driving record of two years and 20,000 miles free from repeated chargeable accidents and/or traffic violations.
4. Coursework.
Take all the following
(Must be completed with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.):
PE 260GS, First Aid, Responding to Emergencies - 2 hours
SFED 235GS, General Safety Education - 3 hours
SFED 330, Traffic Safety Education I - 3 hours
SFED 331, Traffic Safety Education II - 3 hours
SFED 438, Teaching the Use of the Multiple Vehicle Range - 1 hour
SFED 439, Teaching Simulator Instruction - 1 hour

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