The Academic Advising Center creates and distributes advising files for all admitted students, assigns academic advisors, coordinates major/advisor information, and assists Deciding (undeclared) students with class schedules, selecting a major and other academic concerns. Enrolled students verify or change majors and/or advisor in the Advising Center. Prospective students may also discuss their academic needs and educational plans with an advisor in this office. Referrals will be made to the appropriate department if a student needs additional information about a certain academic program. The Coordinator of Academic Advising also provides an individual advising session for incoming Deciding students who attend the Summer Advising and Enrollment Experience.

Through the Advising Center, faculty may utilize the Early Warning Referral System, designed to assist both students and faculty in having a successful semester. When notified by faculty of concern about a student's academic performance, advising staff will contact the student to offer whatever assistance might be helpful.

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