Offered by Department of Physics and Physical Science:

Architecture Preparation (for UNL)

Minimum required for Architecture Preparation = 40
A. Requirements (28 hours required)
Take all the following:
ENG 101GS, Expository Writing I - 3 hours
ENG 102GS, Expository Writing II - 3 hours
ART 102GS, Drawing I - 3 hours
SPCH 100GS, Fundamentals of Speech Communication - 3 hours
PHYS 205GS, General Physics - 5 hours
MATH 102*, College Algebra - 3 hours
MATH 103*, Plane Trigonometry - 3 hours
MATH 115, Calculus I with Analytical Geometry - 5 hours
*Students with sufficient preparation may enter the mathematics program at a higher level reducing total hours need to complete the pre-professional program.
B. Electives (12 hours required)
Take 12 hours of Humanities Electives

The above is for students planning to attend UNL. The optimum time at UNK is generally one year. While courses taken during a second year may transfer, there are architectural course sequences which must be started as a sophomore in order to complete the program on schedule. Architecture Graphics (ARCH 120) must be taken at UNL before the sophomore year, therefore it is recommended that ARCH 120 be taken during the transfer summer. Entering freshmen planning to attend UNL should consult with the UNK Architecture Preparation advisor prior to fall registration. Students not planning to attend UNL should consult with an advisor at the school of their choice as soon as possible to decide which courses taken at UNK are most beneficial.

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