Comprehensive Major
A series of courses prescribed by an academic department which result in an area of specialization. The comprehensive major is an alternative to the selection of a major and minor in meeting baccalaureate degree requirements.
Degree Audit
An analysis of a student's progress toward meeting degree requirements.
A course in the curriculum in the choosing of which a student has some options, as opposed to a required course. The term free or unrestricted elective denotes that the student either has complete choice in the selection of a course or choice among courses in several different fields. A restricted elective is one limited to a certain discipline or group of disciplines, such as an English elective or a social science elective.
Endorsement, Teaching Field Endorsement
A field of study in a broad area which qualifies a person for graduation and eligibility for certification to teach in the State of Nebraska. The field endorsement will normally qualify a person for teaching two or more subjects, i.e., Physical Science includes the subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Physical Science.
Endorsement, Teaching Subject Endorsement
Study in a specific subject area leading to teacher certification. A student must have two subject endorsements to qualify for graduation and certification.
Supplemental Endorsement
A program of study (e.g. coaching, driver's education) which can be used to complement field or subject endorsement(s). A supplemental endorsement cannot be used to meet graduation requirements in teacher education.
General Studies Review
A written review by the Registrar's Office of the student's progress in satisfying specific course requirements of the UNK General Studies Program.
A student's chosen field of study. The major may fall within a single department of instruction or may overlap several departments. In the latter case, the major is described as a combination or interdisciplinary major.
A student's secondary field of study.
Major/Minor Review
A written evaluation by an academic department of the student's progress in satisfying specific course requirements of the department's Major, Minor, Comprehensive Major or Teaching Endorsement programs. The General Studies and Major/Minor Reviews are initiated when the student completes a Request Form at the Registrar's Office. This should be done immediately after the student completes the sophomore year, i.e., has earned a minimum of 57 credit hours.
The first registration following admission as a classified student.
A copy of the permanent academic (educational) record at an institution of higher education. It becomes an official transcript when the seal of the institution is affixed and the signature of an authorized person is appended.

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