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Judith Sims Billings, Interim Assistant Dean
Professor: Billings
Assistant Professors: Jensen, Malcom, Miller, Nickel, Ott, Pitkin, Saylor, Wiggins, Yates
Instructors: Burge, Gasseling, Kreman, Trausch
Advisor: Jan Wilson

Note: It is imperative that students interested in nursing contact the Student Services Adviser on one of the four campuses for current information.

University of Nebraska Medical Center programs are accredited by North Central Association of Colleges*. All programs of the College of Nursing are accredited by the National League for Nursing. The nursing program is also approved by the Nebraska Board of Nursing. The purpose of this baccalaureate nursing program is to prepare the graduate for entrance into professional nursing practice as a generalist and to provide a foundation for graduate education in nursing.

A total of 128 credits are required for completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)-College of Nursing (CON)-Kearney Division. Students planning to complete the BSN in four years must plan to take 16-18 credits per semester or enroll in summer courses.

BSN Purpose
The undergraduate nursing program at UNMC-CON is committed to quality higher education and a learning environment which promotes personal development, scholarship, and competent practitioners who are skilled in the caring art and science of nursing. The graduate of this program is prepared for entry into nursing practice as a generalist with emphasis on the roles of provider of health care, coordinator of health care, and member of the nursing profession.

As a provider of health care, the baccalaureate generalist integrates scientific, conceptual and nursing practice competencies from the domains of knowing, relating and developing that are common to nursing and human experience.

As a coordinator of health care, the baccalaureate generalist employs managerial, nursing practice and professional competencies to promote comprehensive cost-effective and meaningful health care for consumers in diverse health care environments.

As a member of the profession of nursing the baccalaureate generalist displays a professional ethic and behaviors reflective of the social responsibility and caring tradition of nursing.

Technical Standards for the Undergraduate Program

The following general abilities have been identified as necessary to meet the technical standards for progression:

The student must possess the functional use of the sense of sight, hearing, touch, and smell. He/she must also possess a sense of equilibrium along with sufficient motor function to carry out activities required in nursing. Additionally, the student must possess the communication and intellectual skills to perform the assessment and intervention activities required in providing nursing care. These general abilities will be required to meet the objectives of undergraduate courses and will be evaluated throughout the program.


Admission Policies

Applications for admission to the College of Nursing are welcomed from women and men who are interested in preparing for a career in nursing. In accordance with university policy, UNMC prohibits the denial of admission on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, handicap, or religious or political beliefs.

Preference for admission may be given to Nebraska residents. Admission is competitive based on grade point averages of college/university work. Applicants must be able to meet eligibility requirements for licensure to practice nursing in Nebraska. Persons who have criminal records, substance abuse problems or health problems that could interfere with safe practice may be ineligible for licensure. Applicants with a history of these difficulties will be considered on an individual basis with consultation from the State Board of Nursing.

A freshman student who wishes to pursue a pre-nursing course of study at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) should make application to UNK as a pre-nursing student. While completing his/her pre-nursing requirements, the student applies for admission into the UNMC- CON. Admission into the major is competitive and the student may indicate a preference for one of four campuses: Kearney, Omaha, Lincoln, or West Nebraska in Scottsbluff.

A pre-nursing student may request information regarding admission to the major from the office of the College of Nursing Kearney Division located in West Center (Phone: (308) 865-8322).

Admission Requirements

  1. Graduation from high school or GED Certificate (High School Equivalency).
  2. Evidence of math competency. This requirement may be satisfied by math ACT score of 22 or higher, successful scores on placement exam or completion of math courses that are prerequisites to college algebra.
  3. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 (C) or better for all non-nursing college course work is required prior to admission. Applicants should note that GPA for work completed within the University of Nebraska system must be at least 2.0 or "C". Courses completed in other colleges or universities cannot be included to meet this minimum requirement. Admission will be competitive based on college cumulative GPA. Applicants with GPA's of 2.5 and above will be given priority consideration for admission.
    A course grade of "D" in any of the non-nursing courses is not acceptable to UNMC College of Nursing. Consideration for final acceptance is dependent upon the cumulative grade point average and the number of non-nursing courses successfully completed (see next page for non-nursing requirements).
  4. Two references are required. Examples of acceptable references are high school teachers, college faculty and employers. RNs with work experience need one reference from a supervisor.
  5. A personal interview may be required.
  6. Students accepted into the nursing program must provide the following before admission is final:

    A. medical health forms,

    B. verification of current Basic Life Support (BLS) cardiopulmonary (CPR) certification for health professionals. Other types of CPR certification are not acceptable.

    C. immunization information including:

    Hepatitis B - completion of first two of the three immunizations

    PPD - test for tuberculosis completed within the last six months.

    Rubella (German measles) - physician documentation within the last six months of completed immunization or titer showing immunity.

    Rubeola (Red Measles) - documentation of having received at least two immunizations unless born before 1957 or physician documentation of diagnosis of measles.

    Tetanus - physician documentation of receiving booster within the last ten years.

    Mumps, polio - physician documentation indicating year of immunization or disease.

    Varicella (Chicken pox) - physician documentation indicating history of disease or titer.

These are general policy requirements. Students at Lincoln, West Nebraska and Kearney Divisions should check with individual campus requirements. Admission is not final until documentation of the above is provided.

Application Process
The application for admission includes the following: An application admission form (including the Campus Preference Form), two letters of recommendation, an official high school transcript (showing date of graduation) or high school equivalency certificate (GED), and official transcripts of ALL university/college work and any other educational institutions attended since graduation from high school.

The application should be sent to:

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Office of Academic Records
600 S. 42nd St.
Omaha, NE 68198-4230

Applications are accepted twice a year by December 31 and June 30. The starting date for the program is late August and early January each year. Applications are reviewed in January and July, and enrollment may be limited by educational resources available.

A nonrefundable $25.00 application fee must accompany each initial application to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Application fees are not applied toward tuition and fee charges. Applicants who have previously paid an application fee to either UNMC, UNO, UNK, and UNL do not submit another fee. Payment is made by check or money order, payable to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Transcripts and all other materials submitted in support of an application become the permanent property of the university and will not be returned.

Applicants who are enrolled in pre-nursing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska at Kearney, or University of Nebraska at Omaha must authorize the transfer of records and transcripts by completing the "Change of Campus" form.

Beginning in March and September of each year, notification of admission will be mailed to applicants. If enrollment limits are met, a reserve list of qualified applicants will be maintained and offers of admission will be sent to those applicants as vacancies occur.

Additional information for the Kearney Division of the College of Nursing.

  1. Pre-nursing students and nursing majors need to contact the Kearney Division for information regarding non-nursing course requirements.
  2. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical area(s). Clinical laboratory and/or classes may be taught in Kearney, Hastings, Grand Island, and surrounding communities.
  3. Those who plan to work toward the completion of a degree in nursing on a part-time basis should seek advice from the College of Nursing with regard to the program of study. The non-nursing courses may be completed prior to beginning the sequence of nursing courses; this permits part-time study.

Candidates for a degree who do not complete all requirements within a five-year period will have their records reevaluated and may be required to repeat some courses.

*30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504

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