CDIS Courses

Offered by Department of Special Education/Communication Disorders
College of Education

CDIS 110 - Speaking English for Non-Native Speakers of English - 3 hours

Prereq: none
Designed for students with limited English proficiency. Provides practice in pronunciation of American English and comprehension and use of conversational language, including idioms, slang, homonyms, prepositions, vocabulary, grammar, and rules of discourse. Individual assistance will be arranged.

CDIS 210 - Survey of Communication Disorders - 3 hours

Prereq: none
Nature, causes and treatment of communication disorders as an educational field for Communication Disorders majors, special education and elementary education majors, and others who desire a knowledge of communication disorders, speech/language pathology and audiology as professional disciplines. This course is not recommended for first semester freshmen. Prerequisite for other speech pathology courses. Observation hours required.

CDIS 211 - Orientation to Practicum - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 210
Familiarizes students with basics of clinical interaction including observation skills, rapport, behavioral objectives, recording progress, and report writing. Provides a basis for accruing 25 clock hours of clinical observation.

CDIS 215 - Introduction to Phonetics - 3 hours

Prereq: none
Vocal mechanism and the International Phonetic Alphabet. Designed to develop skill in the use of IPA and in the analysis of defective speech sounds.

CDIS 250 - Introduction to Speech and Hearing Science - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 210, CDIS 215
Introduction to the process of human speech communication. Acoustic and physiological aspects of speech production, hearing, and speech perception are presented along with an overview of instrumentation in speech pathology and audiology.

CDIS 251 - Normal and Disordered Communication: 0-5 Years - 4 hours

Prereq: CDIS 352
Normal and abnormal development of communication of children ages birth to five will be presented. Procedures for identifying infants and toddlers as being at risk for developing communication will be covered in addition to intervention programs to remediate such deficits. Observation hours required.

CDIS 310 - Clinical Practicum in Speech/Language ABCD. Pathology - 2 hours

Prereq: CDIS 211*, CDIS 362*
Supervised experience in assessment and treatment of communication disorders. May be repeated two semesters to accumulate a minimum of 90 hours of clinical practicum.

CDIS 336 - Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 210
Study of the anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism.

CDIS 352 - Normal and Disordered Language: 6-12 Years - 3 hours

Prereq: none
First class in a series of three, CDIS 352, CDIS 251 and CDIS 353. The study of normal and disordered communication of children from ages six through twelve. Includes overview of acquisition of meaning and assessment and intervention procedures. Review of normal communication, assessing language disorders, identifying students needing remediation, classroom and clinical management. Observation hours required.

CDIS 353 - Communication Disorders of the Adolescent - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 352
Study of normal and disordered communication skills of adolescents. Identification and assessment procedures. Classroom and clinical management. Observation hours required.

CDIS 362 - Remediation of Articulation Disorders - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 215
A presentation of principles and procedures for identification, assessment, and treatment of persons with articulation disorders. Observation or practicum hours required.

CDIS 406 - Communication Problems in Adults - 3 hours

Prereq: none
Survey of communication skills in the elderly with respect to hearing, articulation, voice, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Overview of communication problems related to hearing loss, stroke, dementia, laryngectomy, etc. Cannot be used in the communications disorders major.

CDIS 410 - Introduction to Audiology - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 336*
Basic kinds of audiometric testing, disorders, anatomy, and functioning of the ear. Observation of hearing evaluations and administration of pure tone audiometric tests is required.

CDIS 413 - Manual Communication - 3 hours

Prereq: none
Performance course dealing with the expressive and receptive aspects of basic sign language. Designed for persons working with the hearing disabled, nonverbal, or non-communicating individual.

CDIS 415 - Aural Rehabilitation - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 410*
Study of the objectives and techniques for working with individuals with hearing loss.

CDIS 418 - Diagnosis of Communication Disorders - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 210, CDIS 251, CDIS 362*
An overview of diagnostic principles, procedures and materials used in assessment of persons with communication disorders.

CDIS 433 - Clinical Practicum in Audiology - 1 hour

Prereq: CDIS 410*, permission of instructor
Experience in administration and interpretation of clinical assessment methods used in diagnostic audiology. Recommended for students considering a career in audiology. May be repeated.

CDIS 439 - Managing a Speech-Language Pathology Program - 3 hours

Prereq: CDIS 310*, CDIS 352, CDIS 362*
Procedures for establishing and maintaining speech/language services in public schools, hospitals, and other community or private practice settings. Scheduling, record keeping, interpersonal and interagency contacts, and program evaluation.

CDIS 460 - Independent Study and Research - 1-3 hours

Prereq: permission of Communication Disorders faculty
Investigation of selected problems or topics on an individual basis. Designed to serve students in Communication Disorders who desire additional study in their chosen areas of expertise.

CDIS 475 - Internship in Speech/Language Pathology - 6-15 hours

Prereq: permission of instructor
Must have completed all required courses for Communication Disorders major.

CDIS 498 - Special Topics - 1-3 hours

Prereq: none
Topics concerning current developments in speech/language pathology. The approach will vary depending upon the topic, the instructor, and the needs of students. (May be taken twice.)

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

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