Students attending another institution of collegiate rank, in which they attempted 12 or more hours after high school, are considered transfer applicants. A complete application must be submitted before any decision will be made concerning the admissability of the applicant, as well as the evaluation of transfer credit.

Students may not omit or disregard any part of a previous college record, whether part or full-time, with or without degree objectives, whether or not credit has been granted, or whether or not they desire to transfer credit. Failure to disclose a complete collegiate record may result in dismissal from UNK.
  1. Transfer Students are expected to satisfactorily complete the core course requirements, either in high school or in their previous postsecondary studies. Students with 12 to 23 transfer hours are required to meet the core course requirements. Students will be required to take UNK courses in the areas of their deficiencies. Transfer students, who have completed 24 academic transfer hours or more satisfactorily, will be exempt from the core course requirements. Students, with 24 or more satisfactorily completed academic transfer hours are required to enroll in UNK's foreign language courses if they have not previously met the foreign language requirement. Transfer students, who graduated from high school in December 1996 or before will be admitted under the admissions policy in effect during December 1996.
  2. Prospective students should be eligible to return to the institution last attended. Those who have been suspended or dismissed from other colleges or universities for personal or academic reasons may not be considered for admission until they are eligible to return to their previous institution. The official record should contain evidence of honorable dismissal from the last school attended.
  3. Applicants are expected to have a cumulative grade point average of "C" (2.0) earned at accredited institutions to be eligible for admission without qualification. Students with grade averages below this level or who earned their credit from nonaccredited schools will have their applications evaluated by the Director of Admissions. Transfer students admitted on probation will have one semester to meet UNK academic standards. All course work below the level of "C" will be considered unsatisfactory and nontransferable. Students from nonaccredited colleges are considered on an individual basis and, if accepted, are admitted on a probational basis. Retention at UNK is dependent upon satisfactory academic progress.
  4. Transfer students from any of the other University of Nebraska campuses who desire to make a permanent change to UNK must complete an application for admission and a "change of campus" form to have their records transferred to UNK.
  5. All visiting students from any of the University of Nebraska campuses must present a completed "Inter-Campus" application form. Students on suspension from another campus are not eligible to enroll.
  6. Transfer students are required to submit a completed Student Health Record (provided in a special mailing) which must include results of a recent physical exam and month and year dates of all child and adult vaccinations. See Health Services information for more specific instructions.
Admission Status:
  1. Full Standing - Applicant has completed or was exempt from the University of Nebraska's 1997 Admission Standards. Indicates all application materials have been received, cumulative grade point requirement (C or 2.0) was met, and applicant left previous accredited institution in good standing.
  2. Admitted by Review - This status may indicate:
    a. Applicant has not completed or was not exempt from the University of Nebraska's 1997 Admission Standards. Applicant will be required to complete deficiencies

    b. Applicant's academic background does not meet admission standards. Students from nonaccredited institutions, if accepted, are admitted by review. Transfer students with less than a 2.0 may be admitted by review to UNK. Students admitted by review are retained in college upon satisfactory academic progress.

  3. Provisional - Indicates part of application requirements are missing. Generally, provisional acceptance is reserved for students who are currently attending another institution and transcripts are partial or show work in progress. Provisionally admitted students must meet necessary requirements prior to registration for any succeeding semester.
Admission Procedure:
Transfer students shall return the completed application for admission with the application fee. In addition, the following procedures shall be completed: College Transcripts - One official transcript from each college attended must be submitted even though no credit may have been earned at an institution. Work summarized from several colleges on one transcript is not acceptable. High School Transcript - This record is required from all transfer students.
When to Apply:
Transfer students should submit their application no later than four weeks prior to the beginning of the term in which admission is requested. A Work in Progress Report may be requested to support the application when a student is currently enrolled at another institution.

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