Students suspended from the University for academic reasons have a right to appeal their suspension from the University. The following appeals process is recommended.

  1. The Appeals Board will be made up of two members of the Students Affairs Staff appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services and one member representing academic administration appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  2. Students are expected to present their appeal in writing and with a written recommendation from their academic advisor or the chairperson of the department in which they major before the appeal is considered by the Board.

Students who are successful in their appeal must:

  1. Enroll in no more than the number of hours recommended by the Appeals Board.
  2. Normally full-time students will repeat at least 6 hours of course work with previously recorded grades of D, F, or TF. Part-time students normally will repeat at least 3 hours of course work with previously recorded grades of D, F, or TF. The final decision about the number of courses to be repeated during the student's period of probation rests with the Appeals Board.
  3. The Appeals Board will designate the grade point average students must receive during the semester they are re-admitted to the University. Students will be required to receive at least a minimum grade point average of 2.0, but the Board may also require that the students receive a higher grade point average. Students who do not receive the designated grade point average will again be suspended for a period of two consecutive semesters.
  4. Students must meet with their academic advisor at least twice during the semester they are re-admitted, to report their academic progress.

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