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Division of Continuing Education has been meeting the educational and service needs of individuals, agencies, and organizations throughout Nebraska for more than two decades. Those with personal, employment, or family constraints may continue their education as part of the services of the Division of Continuing Education. The Division assists in overcoming the limitations frequently associated with limited access to the regular schedule of on-campus services.

The Division seeks to assist in providing courses related to both graduate and undergraduate degrees, preparing for new careers, and enhancing the general educational and cultural background of the individual. A variety of credit and non-credit short courses, workshops, conferences, and seminars also make a substantial contribution to the instructional services of the University. Schedules typically begin in September, January and late May.

Telecourses are an extension of the instructional resources and services of the University. Telecourses originate through the Nebraska Educational Television Network (NETV) and local fiber networks and are frequently distributed through local or regional cable distribution systems. Telecourses and teleconferences originate from a variety of locations throughout the state and may be accessed at many locations statewide. For complete and up-to-date schedule information contact the Continuing Education Office.

The Learning Edge offers a variety of services, ranging from complete conference planning and implementation services to assistance with coordinating and facilitating the activities. Division of Continuing Education will assist in (a) developing a program, (b) designing a marketing plan, (c) preparing a budget, (d) facilitating operational details, and (e) providing physical facilities and menu services.

The Staff Development component provides career preparation or career enhancement for school districts, individual teachers and administrators. OUTREACH is a statewide, non-credit staff enhancement program provided by the College of Education and Division of Continuing Education. Additional design and delivery of staff development services are provided for businesses, industries, and community-based services statewide. The level and range of service is determined by the needs of the group or organization. The Division of Continuing Education also collaborates with other academic units and service functions of the University of Nebraska to bring specialized services and activities.

The International Elderhostel Program was created for persons over 60 years of age and provides non-credit, short-term educational experiences in residential as well as off-site locations throughout the year. National educational programs are of one, two, and four weeks' duration. International Programs are available in over 45 countries and are usually three to four weeks in length. UNK is one of the original institutions to become associated with the national Elderhostel movement and now offers nine instructional programs with content unique to Nebraska.

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