Offered by Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
College of Education

REC Courses

REC 150 - Foundations of Recreation, Park and Leisure - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Introductory course for persons interested in majoring in a leisure profession.
REC 155 - Dimensions of Tourism - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Overview of tourism industry with emphasis on impact of travel. Acquaintance with curriculum for travel/tourism and future potential for the industry.
REC 215 - Camp Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental Education - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Organizing, operating, programming, and administering a modern camp, role of outdoor education in educational process. Fee will be assessed.
REC 251 - Computer Applications in Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Leisure Studies - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Computer applications in Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies are introduced, comprehended and applied. Students will learn Microsoft Office systems, Office 2000, web page design.
REC 300 - Volunteer Practicum - 2-4 hours
Prereq: none
Students will be assigned to a community, hospital, agency fitness, athletic recreation, or tourism site. Credit/no credit.
REC 352 - Outdoor Adventure Education - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Rationale and dynamics of interacting with the environment through leisure activities.
REC 354 - Programming in Sport, Recreation and Tourism - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Basic theoretical and practical competencies required to become a successful programmer for sport, tourism and recreation services.
REC 355 - Travel Behavior - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Introduction to behaviors associated with leisure lifestyles and activities; developed to meet individual needs, desires and abilities, and emphasizing behaviors of population segments in relation to travel industry.
REC 356 - Selected Topics in Travel and Tourism - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Advanced, in-depth studies of various segments of Travel and Tourism and Recreation. Topics designed to prepare students with specific professional skills important to tourism and leisure industries. May lead to professional certifications.
REC 375 - Leadership in Recreation, Sport and Tourism - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Theories and practices of program leadership in the recreation, sport and tourism field, emphasizing leadership styles and techniques, self-awareness, human relations, communications, group processes and group dynamics, problem solving and decision making.
REC 422 - Facilities in Recreation, Tourism and Sport - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Planning indoor and outdoor recreation and leisure facilities. Coordinating planning among various private and public agencies.
REC 444 - Issues in Recreation and Leisure - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Basic concepts in the field of leisure and leisure services, contemporary social and philosophical issues, broad historical and cultural contexts. Discussion of the issues and dilemmas that leisure provides from many perspectives.
REC 453 - Therapeutic Recreation for Special Populations - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Principles of leisure education practices for special populations.
REC 454 - Evaluation Techniques in Rec and Park - 3 hours
Prereq: none
This course is designed to prepare recreation and park majors in the area of patron and program assessment and evaluation. Theories, research techniques, and application of several evaluation models will be presented.
REC 455 - Tourism Planning and Development - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Planning and development of tourism agencies/facilities to service tourists.
REC 458 - Recreation for the Aged - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Characteristics and needs, development of recreational programs and legislation for senior citizens.
REC 477 - Internship - 4-12 hours
Prereq: permission of the program coordinator
Students should have completed the following requirements:
Student will be assigned full-time with private, industrial or governmental fitness and/or leisure programs or in a tourist industry site. A minimum of a four-week block of time will be allotted for the experience. Credit/no credit.
REC 485 - Research in Tourism, Recreation and Sport - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Basic knowledge of research terminology, methodology and application. Students do simple but important research.
REC 498 - Special Topics - 1-3 hours
Prereq: none
Topics are studied which are not assigned or covered in other courses in the department. The format of this course will vary depending on the topic, instructor, and the needs of the student.

2 May 2010