Grade point averages are computed for each term and accumulated for the duration of attendance. Credit hours accepted in transfer from institutions outside the University of Nebraska, or hours resulting from a competency-based assessment, and credit hours earned at UNK under the credit/no credit grading system are excluded in grade average computations. Withdrawals from courses resulting in a "W" and incompletes "I" are disregarded in deriving grade point averages. All other letter grades are used in computing grade averages. Grades earned in courses taken at another campus of the University of Nebraska after July 1, 1991, will be used in calculating the students cumulative University/UNK GPA. The Office of Student Records and Registration must be notified by the student if a course is retaken in order to remove an earlier grade in that course, and to initiate a new computation of the cumulative GPA based on the most recent grade earned for that course.

13 Mar 2009