Graduate courses are numbered from 800 to 999. A senior student pursuing graduate coursework while completing an undergraduate degree is considered an undergraduate student. Students requiring 15 hours or fewer for the bachelor's degree, with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above and with written approval from their advisor may be allowed to register for graduate classes pending the approval of the Graduate Dean. However, students will not be allowed to register for more than 6 semester hours of graduate courses in the semester, and the maximum load of undergraduate and graduate hours may be no more than 12 hours.

Students must also meet all prerequisites of the graduate course and obtain the permission of the instructor to enroll. Graduate courses taken to complete requirements for the bachelor's degree may not be used subsequently to satisfy requirements for a graduate degree. However, graduate courses not applied on the baccalaureate degree may be applied toward a graduate degree. No more than 9 hours of graduate coursework may be completed prior to completion of the undergraduate degree.

19 Sep 2005