Students may adjust their schedules (drop and/or add classes) using the MyBLUE Registration System through the FIRST week of the semester. After that date students may still use MyBLUE to drop and/or add classes, and the refund will be calculated based on the appropriate refund schedule.

Students MUST complete the transaction on MyBLUE to change their registration. Failure to attend class does NOT constitute a drop and does NOT cancel the student's registration or his/her obligation to pay all tuition and related fees for the course.

A student dropping a course after the first week of the semester and any time prior to the end of the ninth week of the semester will be awarded a "W." For courses of duration other than a semester, a student dropping a course after the first day of the class and any time prior to the end of the mid-point of the class duration (e.g., the end of the fourth week of an eight-week summer session course) will be awarded a "W." The "W" will appear on the student's transcript.

The instructor's signature is required on the Change of Schedule form. Forms are available at the Office of Student Records and Registration and, when completed, must be returned to the Office of Student Records and Registration.

An "F" will be reported if a student stops attending class and neither officially withdraws from the course prior to the appropriate deadline nor establishes, prior to the end of the term and to the satisfaction of the instructor, that extenuating circumstances prevented completion of the course. If the instructor determines that such extenuating circumstances were present, an "I" (incomplete) may be recorded on the student's grade report and transcript.

A student may not drop a course after the 9th week of the semester (or mid-point of the class) unless highly unusual, extenuating circumstances (beyond the student's control) are established to the satisfaction of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (undergraduates) or the Graduate Dean (graduates).

A student may not withdraw from a course after the semester/session in which the course was taken has ended.

4 Mar 2010