1. All General Studies and general graduation requirements must be met.
  2. All Science related course requirements must be met.
  3. Major Program
    1. A major program consisting of 30-36 hours and a minor program consisting of 18-24 hours. The major and minor cannot be from the same academic department unless duplication of coursework between the two is limited to 6 credit hours or less.
    2. A major program consisting of 30-36 hours and a second major of 30-36 hours of which 24 or 30 hours (respectively) is unduplicated coursework.
    3. Comprehensive major of 42-62 hours.
  4. Specific program requirements and major-minor requirements are detailed in the Departments and Programs of Study section in this catalog. Students should consult their advisors and/or department chairs.

BS Science-Related Course Requirements: Courses listed under the category of BS science-related course requirements must meet the following standards:

11 Feb 2010