1. All General Studies and general graduation requirements must be met.
  2. Foreign Languages
    1. Complete two intermediate or upper level college courses or equivalent competency in a foreign language.
    2. Students who are admitted to UNK with the Core Requirement of 2 units in the same foreign language completed in a U.S. high school and provide a copy of their high school transcript to their faculty advisor and the Registrar's Office, may choose to meet this language requirement by completing two introductory courses at UNK (100 and 101, 10 hours) in a single language different than the one taken in high school. Students entering UNK without completing the Core Requirement in high school are not eligible for this option.
    3. International students, whose native language is not English, may complete six credit hours of English Literature coursework in lieu of the Foreign Languages requirement.
  3. Major Program
    1. A major program consisting of 30-36 hours and a minor program consisting of 18-24 hours. The major and minor cannot be from the same academic department unless duplication of coursework between the two is limited to 6 credit hours or less.
    2. A major program consisting of 30-36 hours and a second major of 30-36 hours of which 24 or 30 hours (respectively) is unduplicated coursework.
  4. Specific program requirements and major-minor requirements are detailed in the Departments and Programs of Study section in this catalog. Students should consult their advisors and/or department chairs.

20 Jan 2010