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The Office of Residential and Greek Life is responsible for the residential services and many of the activities and programs available to students living on campus. One of the largest departments on the UNK campus, "R & GL" coordinates not just the housing assignment and maintenance of the physical aspects of the housing facilities, but also a broad range of educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs. Living in on-campus housing assists students in gaining a better understanding of other life styles and cultures. The on-campus experience can be one of the best aspects of a student's collegiate career. These opportunities for interactions ensure the quality of students' on-campus experience. Approximately 2,280 students live on campus in six traditional residence halls, two semi-suite style halls, one suite-style hall, two Greek complexes, and one apartment-style hall. Each housing facility is supervised by a live-in Hall Director, and is staffed by live-in Resident Advisors on the floors. Most residence facilities feature several lounges, study areas and recreational spaces for student interaction and involvement. Each hall also has computer labs, kitchens, laundry, and recreational equipment available for residents to check out at their hall's front desk. The hall computer labs are networked to the UNK mainframe and are available exclusively for on-campus students.

A variety of specific living environment options are available to students. Each room is furnished with desks, chairs, window coverings, dresser space, beds/mattresses, mirrors, closets, cable TV, local telephone service, and internet connection. From their rooms, students may access email, library resources, course syllabi, online registrations and other personal information via the internet. Students furnish bed linens, blankets, pillow, towels, and items to personalize their room.

Some students are interested in floors designed for particular student interest groups. Several environments are available as options, and as student interest merits: An Honors Hall, Sorority and Fraternity "Houses," Co-Ed by Room/Suite, Single Rooms (at an additional charge) and Learning Communities coordinated by the College of Education and the Dean of Student Life. All options are noted on the Housing Contract. Detailed information is available by contacting the Office of Residential and Greek Life.

Greek Chapter House: Being a member of a Greek organization will open doors to success in leadership, scholarship and the Kearney community. A student must be a member of a Greek organization to live in a chapter house. For more information contact the Office of Residential and Greek Life.

Block, 10+ and 14+ Meal Plans: The "+" plans (also known as "point plans") can work like cash at both cafeteria and non-cafeteria food service sites across campus. These meal plan options make it possible to add a flexible food points aspect to more traditional 10, 15, or 20 meals-per-week plans. These options combine the indicated number of standard meals (10 or 14 meals per week) with $100 per semester worth of food points. Points do not carry over from semester to semester and points cannot be refunded if you change from or drop your 10+ or 14+ meal plan. Meal points can also be purchased, at any time, independently of, or in addition to any meal plan. To purchase Loper Dollars independently or in addition to the above plans, please contact the UNK Finance Office (308) 865-8524.

Break Housing: Most residence halls will be closed during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks and students must find alternate off-campus housing during these periods. Students may stay in designated halls during break periods for an additional non-refundable fee. Detailed information about break housing is available at the Office of Residential and Greek Life.

10 May 2007