General Studies Information


III. HUMANITIES (9-15 hours from three separate perspectives required; a maximum of 15 hours count as General Studies credit)

In addition to those objectives required of all General Studies courses, students will:

  1. demonstrate the ability to comprehend primary texts, i.e., the work of literary figures, historical figures, philosophers, and critics; film and theatrical performance; works of art; music in performance and/or notation,
  2. demonstrate the ability to form and support, in writing, coherent positions on issues relevant to primary texts,
  3. demonstrate the ability to use, in speaking and writing, the forms of reference and the manners of discourse appropriate to the particular discipline,
  4. demonstrate the ability to see primary texts as cultural descriptions as well as individual creation.

While not all courses in the Humanities focus exclusively on primary texts, students in every course will experience, through reading, seeing, or hearing, significant cultural works and documents.

Within the Humanities requirement, courses should be distributed among the perspectives listed below. At a minimum, students must take one course from Literary Perspectives, one from Aesthetic Perspectives and one from Historical Perspectives.

24 Jul 2007