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**(2007-2008 rates)

Housing and dining costs may be changed slightly due to changes in UNK policy.

Apartment and room only contracts may be available to upperclassmen living on designated Independent Living Floors. Contact the Office of Residence Life for details.

Housing Application Fee (one time mandatory fee) $50.00
Regular Session (each semester) Board and Room
    Double Room 20 meals-per-week plan $3,000.00
Double Room 15 meals-per-week plan $2,977.00
Double Room 10 meals-per-week plan $2,908.00
University Residence 20 meals/week $3,100.00
University Residence 15 meals/week $3,077.00
University Residence 10 meals/week $3,008.00
New 4-bed hall 20 meals/week $3,350.00
New 4-bed hall 15 meals/week $3,327.00
New 4-bed hall 10 meals/week $3,258.00
New 2-bed hall 20 meals/week $3,350.00
New 2-bed hall 15 meals/week $3,527.00
New 2-bed hall 10 meals/week $3,458.00

Summer Sessions - See Printed Summer Class Schedule.

If a student withdraws from the University before the end of a term, board and room are partially refundable. Refund begins when a student is properly checked out.

10 May 2007