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Major William J. Prusia, Director

Military Science is the Guard Officer Leadership Development (GOLD) Program offered at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Its objective is to attract, motivate, prepare, graduate and commission students with leadership potential to serve as commissioned officers in the National Guard component of the United States Army; to provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of military science; to develop leadership and managerial skills; to develop a basic understanding of associated professional knowledge with a strong sense of personal integrity, honor, and individual responsibility; and to develop an appreciation of the requirements for national security. Through military science classes and the GOLD Program, the student who desires a commission may earn one while pursuing a degree.

Military Science

The GOLD Program is a cooperative effort agreed to by the Nebraska National Guard and the University of Nebraska at Kearney as a means of providing junior officer leadership in the interests of national security. At the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Military Science is an elective program that a student may schedule in the same manner as any other elective course. The four-year program consists of a basic course, taken during the freshman and sophomore years, and an advanced course, taken during the junior and senior years. Academic credits earned may apply toward the student's degree, depending on the discipline. The program provides leadership training designed to qualify graduates for civilian careers in executive and management positions and as commissioned officers in the Army National Guard. The GOLD Program promotes the mental, physical, moral, and leadership development of students.


Military science is not an academic major. Students earn commissions at the same time they earn an academic degree in any discipline of their choice. Credits earned through the GOLD Program may apply toward a student's bachelor's degree. The curriculum cuts across conventional subject boundaries and becomes interdisciplinary. It encourages reflective thinking, goal seeking, and problem solving. Basic and advanced courses in military science are listed each semester in the University's Schedule of Classes. In the basic course, you earn from 1 to 2 credits each semester; in the advanced course, 3 credits each semester.

Leadership Training

Leadership training is required each semester as part of the military science curriculum. This training is accomplished through a leadership laboratory conducted each week and through field exercises conducted each semester. In the basic course, an understanding of teamwork and leadership techniques is developed. This foundation in leadership is enhanced through practical application in rappelling, land navigation and map reading, personal defense activities, survival swimming, drill and ceremony, leader reaction exercises, and simulated small unit tactical exercises in field situations. Advanced course students plan, organize, and conduct the basic course leadership training program, field exercises, and enrichment activities. Leadership and managerial skills are further developed through these activities.

Enrollment in Military Science

Military science academic (basic) courses may be taken for general elective credit by any University of Nebraska at Kearney student. Military science advanced courses may only be taken by students who qualify to earn a commission. Students register for military science courses in the same manner as for any other University course. Students, who have completed initial entry training in one of the armed services, Army National Guard, or Army Reserves, may enroll in the advanced course.


There is no service obligation incurred by taking Military Science Courses in the freshman or sophomore year (basic course). If selected for and enrolled in the advanced course, the student must agree to complete the remaining two years of the GOLD Program and to accept a commission as a second lieutenant, if offered, upon graduation and completion of the GOLD Program. GOLD Program graduates may serve on active duty for a minimum period of three months for branch qualification and the remainder of eight years in the Army National Guard.

Financial Benefits

Students who enroll in the GOLD Program, and are members of the Army National Guard, may receive several financial benefits. These benefits include 100% Federal Tuition Assistance, Montgomery GI Bill (Selected Reserve) of $309 per month; GI Bill Kicker of $200-$350 per month; Student Loan Repayment Program of up to $20,000; and weekend drill pay of over $200 per month.

Officer Candidate School (OCS)

Advanced course students must attend OCS, normally during the summers following their junior and senior years. OCS consists of practical application of instruction that has been given at UNK. Students practice land navigation and employ the tactics they have learned. Candidates are evaluated in a variety of potentially stressful leadership situations. Leadership is emphasized. Students are paid travel expenses to and from the course and, in addition, receive pay of approximately $900 while there. All accommodations, clothing, and food are furnished.

Courses with the prefix MLSC are offered by the Military Science Program.

10 May 2007