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LNSK Courses

The following course meets for the entire semester for 3 hours of regular credit counting toward graduation.
LNSK 075 - Learning Skills - 1 hour (Credit does not count toward any degree.)
Prereq: none
The Learning Strategies Office also provides a variety of short courses or modules for students who wish to improve their learning techniques and skills. The areas of study have been designed to assist all participants who want aid in developing skills and habits that lead to academic success. Each of these modules is for one hour credit, but such credit does not count toward any degree. Since each module lasts for only four weeks, a students may enroll in three modules in the same time bracket during any semester. Additionally, the classes may also be taken as independent study.
LNSK 103 - University Foundations - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Students enrolled in the class will 1) clarify personal, educational, and professional goals; 2) obtain information about academic programs and requirements; 3) understand occupational implications of their educational choices; 4) develop and improve their study and time management skills; 5) become familiar with university procedures, resources, and services; and 6) develop a spirit of self-awareness, self-criticism, and self-esteem.

17 Feb 2007