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Offered by Department of Accounting/Finance
College of Business and Technology

BFIN Courses

BFIN 308 - Principles of Finance - 3 hours
Prereq: BACC 251* and ECON 271GS
Concepts of firm valuation and capital budgeting, capital structure and cost of capital, and analysis of financial statements. F, SP.
BFIN 316 - Insurance - 3 hours
Prereq: none
An introduction to risk and risk management as they pertain to most types of personal insurance situations.
BFIN 344 - Real Estate Principles - 3 hours
Prereq: none
A study of the general principles used in real estate decision making. Topics include economic and ethical considerations, ownership, leases, marketing finance, appraisal, investments, legal issues related to contracts, agency, licensing, discrimination, and career alternatives. This course is approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. F, SP, SU.
BFIN 408 - Corporate Finance - 3 hours
Prereq: BFIN 308*
The study of financial management concepts with an emphasis on the theory and practical application of the investment and financing decision-making processes. SP.
BFIN 422 - Financial Institutions - 3 hours
Prereq: BFIN 480*
The management of commercial bank and non-bank institutions with an emphasis on the lending and investing practices of these institutions. SP.
BFIN 475 - Finance Internship - 1-15 hours
Prereq: none
A work experience program planned for students preparing for employment in business and industry. The learning experience is organized and supervised by the academic department and personnel of selected industries. Must be approved by the Department. F, SP, SU.
BFIN 476/876P - Short-Term Financial Management - 3 hours
Prereq: BFIN 308*
The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the principles and techniques of working capital analysis and management. Topics include inventory, accounts receivable and cash systems management, credit and collection systems, and payables and short-term financing analysis and management. F.
BFIN 480/880P - Investments - 3 hours
Prereq: BFIN 308* and ECON 270GS
Theory and analysis of investment vehicles including stocks, bonds and money market investments. Analysis of portfolio construction. F.
BFIN 482/882P - Case Studies in Financial Management - 3 hours
Prereq: BFIN 408*, BFIN 476*, BFIN 480*
Financial analysis and decision-making using advanced case studies of business and some specialized organizations. SP.
BFIN 499 - Special Problems in Business - 3 hours
Prereq: Permission of instructor
Independent investigations of business problems. Topics to be investigated may be tailored to meet the needs of the student. A case study course designed to integrate the knowledge acquired in other courses in business administration, and to emphasize analysis and decision-making. Must be approved by Department Chair. F, SP, SU.

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

17 Nov 2006