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Dwight Adams, English, 1956-1988
David Anderson, English, 1966-2001
Joan Bailey, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1963-1997
Gerald Baker, Education, 1969-1991
Roy S. Barnard, Library, 1978-1996
Arthur Bates, Music, 1963-1992
Betty Becker-Theye, Modern Languages, 1967-2000
Gordon E. Bennett, Geography and Earth Science, 1975-2006
Michael A. Benzel, English, 1987-2005
Laddie Bicak, Biology, 1962-1989
Gordon Blake, Economics; 1963-1999.
Peter Blickensderfer, Chemistry, 1966-1995
Christine Boeckl, Art and Art History, 1991-2003
Harold Blostein, Political Science, 1964-1991
L. Claire Boroff, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1969-1999
Donald K. Briggs, Sports Information Director, 1957-1990
Lydia E. Butler Pavelka, Mathematics, 1964-1972
Elsie Cafferty, Business Administration/Business Education, 1974-2001
Kenneth F. Carlson, Industrial Education, 1945-1979
Roger Carlson, Physics and Physical Science, 1970-2000
Kathy Carpenter, Learning Skills Center, 1975-2001
R. David Clark, Chemistry, 1975-2003
Richard D. Cloyed, English, 1961-1994
John Cochran, Communication Disorders, 1973-1986
Robert R. Colling, Mathematics, 1965-1993
Hal O. Colony, English, 1962-1994
Tom Contine, Teacher Education, 1987-2001
Sharyn M. Crossman, Family and Consumer Sciences, 1987-1998
William Cupp, Sociology, 1977-1986
Beverly Curry, Family and Consumer Sciences, 1990-2003
Don Dahlin, Educational Admin., 1967-1989
Richard Detsch, Modern Languages, 1977-2000
C. Thomas Draper, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, 1986-1997
Mildred Duffy, Home Economics, 1970-1983
Jess Enns, Sociology, Geography and Earth Science, 1970-2006
Kathryn Falconer, Communication Disorders, 1979-2003
Gerald Feese, Music, 1963-1986
Dayle G. Fitzke, Mathematics and Statistics, 1956-1996
Josee Forell, Family Studies and Interior Design, 1982-2004
Myron Fougeron, Biology, 1967-1993
Paul Fritton, English, 1964-1988
Edna L. Furness, English, 1961-1972
Doyle Fyfe, Physical Education, 1970-1996
Michael L. Gintzler, Sociology, 1969-1998
Marvin E. Glasser, Physics and Physical Science, 1970-2000
Thomas Godfrey, English, 1963-1995
Marion Grandone, English, 1968-2005
Leonard L. Gregory, Educational Administration, 1986-1998
Galen D. Hadley, Accounting/Finance, 1991-2005
Marilyn Hadley, Teacher Education, 1992- 2006
Ella Hahlweg, Education, 1956-1965
Connie Hansen, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1965-1999
Robert Hauver, Physical Education, 1959-1988
Keith Heaton, Political Science, 1966-1987
Michael R. Herbison, Library, 1993-2003
Charlene Hildebrand, Teacher Education, 1992-2004
Harland L. Hoffman, English, 1962-1993
Elmer Holzrichter, Art, 1963-1988
Shirley Houston, Business Administration/Business Education, 1972-2000
Doyle Howitt, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts, 1963-1995
Gerald A. Hueser, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1967-2006
Richard W. Ikenberry, Biology, 1965-1999
W. Dale Ingram, Business, 1956-1986
Lynn E. Johnson, Professional Teacher Education, 1969-1999
Stephanie Karraker, English, 1981-1992
Frederick N. Kempf, Counseling & School Psychology, 1969-1997
Robert Kirby, English, 1969-1992
Marvin G. Knittel, Counseling & School Psychology, 1963-1993
Gene H. Koepke, Marketing; 1972-2004
Fred Koontz, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts, 1966-1990
John F. Kuecker, Chemistry, 1965-1995
Donald Lackey, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies; 1969-1998
Ronald L. Landstrom, Management/Marketing, 1958-1997
Wilma Larsen, Home Economics, 1955-1987
Carl Lewis, Economics, 1969-1992
William R. Lewis, University Relations, 1992-2004 Mary A. Lierley, Art, 1970-1990
Robert D. Lind, Geography, 1967-2003
Ora F. Lindau, Industrial Education, 1958-1982
Otto Lohrenz, History, 1966-1990
Stanley Longfellow, Biology, 1966-1999
Keith Lowry, Art and Art History, 1962-1997
Clinton J. Ludeman, Teacher Education, 1969-2003
Douglas E. Lund, Biology, 1962-1999
Mildred Macdonald, Music, 1958-1985
Sharon L. Mason, Library, 1981- 2006
Ernest P. Matuschka, Psychology, 1970-1990
Jerry McCollough, Professional Teacher Education, 1968-1998
Ione McHale Pierce, Special Education/Communication Disorders, 1975-1990
Roberta A. McKenzie, Journalism and Mass Communication, 1976-1996
Daniel McPherson, Educational Administration, 1982-1993
Mary Mendenhall, Library, 1966-1988
Warren Messman, Industrial Education, 1953-1981
James A. Miller, Industrial Technology, 1968-1999
Jane Moorehouse, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies; 1970-2006
Jeannette C. Murphy, Professional Teacher Education, 1987-1998
Guy Murray, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1972-2000
Harold G. Nagel, Biology, 1969-2005
Jon William Nelson, Marketing/Management, 1967-1996
William M. Nelson, Student Teaching, 1963-1986
Louis C. Ninegar, Educational Administration, 1958-1982
Larry D. Peterson, Art and Art History; 1966-2000
Jean M. Petitt, English, 1954-1973
Charles G. Pickens, Mathematics and Statistics, 1960-2001
Hazel Pierce, English, 1964-1989
Ruth A. Pigott, Sociology, 1974-2000
Vernon L. Plambeck, English; 1964-2000
Albert E. Poorman, Biology, 1964-1992
Earl E. Rademacher, Accounting/Finance, 1960-1997
John Ramey, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1969-1999
Helen Redden, Family and Consumer Science, 1966-1991
Terry Renner, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies; 1970-2006
Sam C. Reno, Management/Marketing, 1967-2001
Jerry Ridgley, Management/Marketing; 1984-2003
Phyllis Roberts, Foreign Languages, 1947-1975
Merwin G. Roeder, Physical Education, 1964-1995
John B. Rohrs, Physics, 1967-1992
Charles Rudy, Counseling & School Psychology, 1970-1977
Donald Leroy Schmidt, Political Science, 1965-1996
Raymond J. Schmitz, Business, 1964-1992
Ruth Schmitz, Marketing; 1972-2004
Raymond Schultze, Art and Art History, 1965-2000
Philip Shade, Accounting/Finance; 1982-2000
Arnold Sivils, Music, 1965-2000
Leonard C. Skov, Education, 1965-1997
Marvin S. Spracklen, Counseling & School Psychology, 1965-1990
Helen Winter Stauffer, English, 1968-1990
Carl D. Sterner, Chemistry, 1967-1998
Bruce Stewart, Mathematics and Statistics, 1965-2000
Marvin Stone, Geography, 1965-1997
Ivan Stones, Mathematics and Statistics; 1963-2001
Wilma Stutheit, Elementary Education, 1963-1991
James A. Swanson, Chemistry, 1962-1997
Larry D. Theye, Management/Marketing, 1966-2000
Gary F. Thomas, Music, 1957-1994
Doris Timperley, Library, 1957-1987
John Toker, Counseling & School Psychology, 1967-1988
Phu Tonthat, Political Science, 1970-1991
Clayton E. True, Biology, 1965-1999
Thomas Walsh, Professional Teacher Education, 1988-1999
Don L. Welch, English, 1959-1997
Paul R.Welter, Counseling & School Psychology, 1968-1992
Nancy E. Whitman, Music and Dance, 1972-1997
Marvin C. Williams, Biology; 1966-2000
J. Thomas York, Modern Languages; 1966-2001
Ann Elizabeth O'Quinn Young, History, 1965-2000
Gary E. Zaruba, Art and Art History; 1967-2005
Allen Zikmund, Physical Education, 1955-1987
Annabell Zikmund, Music; 1983-2002
Dale Zikmund, Business Administration/Business Education; 1972-2002
Janice Barton Zimmerman, Business Administration/Business Education, 1987-2006

6 Jul 2007