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Kenya Taylor, Chair
Professors: Hilton, K. Taylor
Associate Professors: Emal, L. Larson
Assistant Professor: Vaz
Senior Lecturer: Jackowiak
Instructor: M. Morrow

Department Objectives:

Information for Students Seeking Teaching Endorsements
Upon admission to teacher education, candidates requesting a communication disorders major, supplemental endorsement, or minor in communication disorders should file a program with the Communication Disorders Department for approval. Requirements for admission to student teaching in the endorsed areas are consistent with those recommended by the College of Education.


One option is available in this major:

Communication Disorders Teaching Subject Endorsement - Bachelor of Science in Education Degree

A minor in Communication Disorders is available.

Courses with the prefixes CDIS are offered by the department.

The Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic
Professional preparation in speech/language pathology requires clinical experience with children and adults who have been referred to the clinic for speech/language and hearing assessment and/or treatment. This program provides an opportunity to study, in a practical setting, the application of skills and techniques learned in the academic program. The clinic provides an integral part of the initial educational program in speech/language pathology.

02 Jun 2006