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Memorial Student Affairs Building, Room 184 (308) 865-8218

Conveniently located on campus, Student Health Services has been serving students for more than 75 years. Fully licensed and qualified medical and nursing professionals are available to provide primary health care services.

Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement Form. All new students, including transfer students, are required to complete this form. Students will not be permitted to register for second semester classes until they have met these requirements. Students born after January 1st, 1957 must provide one of the following to demonstrate immunity to measles.

For international students and students determined to be a high risk, tuberculin (TB) skin testing will be done at Student Health Services upon arrival. Chest x-rays are done if there is a positive test to TB. Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) is NOT required; however include the date of vaccination if BCG has been received.

Student Health Services Eligibility. Health services are available for students who are taking seven or more credit hours on campus, and/or have paid the semester health fee. Students are required to present a photo ID to access the health center. Registered nurses assess all students and scchedule appointments with a physician or nurse practitioner as needed.

Health Services. The health fee covers office calls with Student Health professionals. Discounted charges apply for office procedures and vaccinations are available for less than community rates. Services include

Student Health Services contracts with Kearney Clinic for more complex procedures, laboratory and radiology services. Students evaluated at Student Health Services and referred to Kearney Clinic with a memo will not be charged for the office visit. Usual and customary charges apply for any procedures or diagnostic testing done at Kearney Clinic. Current health insurance information is needed to access services at Kearney Clinic.

Medical records are privileged communication and strict policies protect confidentiality. Information from records will not be presented to anyone without written authorization from the student.

11 May 2006