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Offered by Department of Physics and Physical Science:

Pre-Engineering (for UNL)

UNK's Pre-Engineering program is broadly designed to meet the College of Engineering requirements at UNL. Because requirements for specific engineering programs at UNL and other universities may vary, students should always consult with their advisors before registration.

Minimum needed to complete pre-professional program = 55
First Year (25-34 hours)
CHEM 160GS, General Chemistry - 3 hours   (see prerequisites)
CHEM 160LGS, General Chemistry Laboratory - 1 hour
CHEM 161GS*, General Chemistry - 3 hours
CHEM 161LGS*, General Chemistry Laboratory - 1 hour
MATH 102**, College Algebra - 3 hours
MATH 103**, Plane Trigonometry - 3 hours
MATH 115**, Calculus I with Analytic Geometry - 5 hours
CSIS 112, Programming in C - 3 hours
ENG 101GS, Expository Writing I - 3 hours (Prereq: ENG 100A or English ACT score of 15 or above)
ENG 102GS, Expository Writing II - 3 hours  (Prereq: ENG 101GS* or ACT English score of 30 or above)(ENG 101GS and ENG 102GS can be replaced by technical writing at UNL)
Electives (Social Sciences and Humanities), - 0-9 hours
*Only required for some fields of engineering
**Students with sufficient preparation may enter the mathematics program at a higher level reducing total hours needed to complete the pre-professional program.

Second Year (30-39 hours)
PHYS 213, Electrical Circuits I - 3 hours
PHYS 213L, Introductory Electrical Laboratory I - 1 hour
PHYS 275GS, General Physics (Calculus) - 5 hours
PHYS 276GS, General Physics (Calculus) - 5 hours
PHYS 277, Engineering Mechanics - Statics - 3 hours
MATH 202, Calculus II with Analytic Geometry - 5 hours
MATH 260, Calculus III - 5 hours
MATH 305, Differential Equations - 3 hours
STAT 441, Probability and Statistics - 3 hours
Electives (Social Sciences and Humanities) - 0-9 hours

Pre-Engineering students can transfer up to 18 hours of social sciences and humanities. Students should check with advisors for more detailed information on approved Electives.

11 May 2006